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Tou otobus kifam-o (ra) dozdidand
They stole my bag in the bus.
Agha, in toop-e tennis chandeh?
Sir, how much is this tennis ball?!
Bache-ha ba ye(k) bâdkonak bâzi mikoonand
The children are playing with a baloon
Aval miram hamoom, ba'd shâm mikhoram
First I will use the bathroom, then I will eat dinner.
Sarmâ beh ostokoonam resideh
The cold has reached my bones
Mikham do kâseh âsh ba noon bokhoram
I want to eat to bowls of stew with bread
Noon o panir az supermarket Kharidam
I bought bread and cheese from the supermarket
Bareyeh sobhune ma'molan noon o panir mikhorim
For breakfast we normaly eat bread with cheese
Khatteh telephone mashghooleh
The telephone line is busy.
âsemoon abrieh vali bâroon nemiad
the sky is cloudy but it is not raining.
Khdâfez fardâ mibinamet
goodbye see you tomorrow.
Mâshine ma kheili tond mireh
Our car goes very fast
Chand-tâ sandali-e digeh biaram
How many extra chairs should I bring?
Oon ketâb-forushi ketâbhâye arzoon dâreh
The bookshop has cheap books
Morg-haye Khooneye hamsâye chaq o topoland
Our neighbours chickens are fat!