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George Eastman
Invented roll film
Wernher von Braun
German rocket scientist, worked on US space program
Greek mathemitician
Robert Fulton
Invented first steamboat engine
Galileo Galilei
popularized the telescope, developed first law of motion, supporter of copernicanism
Robert Goddard
Invented liquid fuel rocket
Johann Gutenberg
Invented printing press
Guglielmo Marconi
Invented the radio
Alfred Nobel
Invented dynamite
Edward Teller
Invented hydrogen bomb
Vlad the Impaler
Transylvanian prince, Dracula based on him
Oscar Wilde
Gay playwright
Wrote The Prince, political philosopher
Brian Epstein
Beatles manager
Mata Hari
Female german spy in WWI
Pol Pot
Prime Minister of Cambodia, killed 2 million of his people
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor of Japan during WWII
Augusto Pinochet
Chilean general who staged a coup with the help of the US
Slobodan Milosevic
Dictator of yugoslavia
Heinrich Himmler
Commander of the SS
Rudolf Hess
Edited Mein Kampf, Hitler's deputy
Dr. Mengele
the "angel of death", decided who lived and died in the concentration camps
Hermann Goring
Founded the Gestapo, headed the Luftwaffe, Hitler's second in command, committed suicide before he could be executed at Nuremburg
Joseph Goebbels
Nazi propoganda minister
Horatio Nelson
British admiral, died at the Battle of Trafalgar. Won the battles there and at the Nile.
Greek biographer
Roman orator, opponent of Julius Ceaser and was executed after the assassination.
Greek orator
Student of Socrates, teacher of Aristotle. Wrote lots of dialogues, wrote The Republic
Greek playwright and poet, wrote Oedipus and Antigone
Greek poet
Greek "father of history", wrote "The Histories", about the persian invasion of greece
Greek, early expert on medicine
Otto von Bismark
Unified Germany, first chancellor of the German Empire, started the Second Reich.
Joseph Smith
Founder of the Mormans
Erwin Rommel
Germany army commander on the African front, forced to commit suicide by Hitler for being suspected of a plot against the fuhrer
John Milton
English poet, wrote Paradise Lost
Ivan the Terrible
The first tsar of Russia.
Benjamin Disraeli
Prime Minister of Britain in the late 19th century, and author
David Lloyd George
Prime Minister of England during WWI.
William the Conqueror/William of Normandy
Born in Normandy, France, he became the king of England by winning the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
William Gladstone
British Prime Minister during the same period as Benjamin Disraeli, and his rival.
Julius Caeser
Roman military leader who began the extension of the empire. Was assassinated on the Ides of March.
Caeser Augustus
Called Octavian before assuming the new name, he is considered the greatest of the Roman emperors. Adopted son of Julius Caeser. Brought an end to civil war in Rome.
Francis Drake
English sailor; first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. Second in command at the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
Francis Bacon
English philosopher during 16 and 17th centuries. Developed the forerunner of the scientific method.
Walter Raleigh
Crazy English guy; writer, poet, spy, explorer. Story that he took off his coat and put it in a mud puddle so Queen Elizabeth could walk over it. Started the Roanoke Colony.
Queen Elizabeth I
Last tudor monarch. Also called the virgin queen for never marrying. Her reign is called the Elizabethan Era.
Queen Mary I
Queen before Elizabeth, she is known as Bloody Mary for killing dissenters to the throne and for attempting to return England to Catholicism.
Karl Popper
British philosopher of science in the 20th century. Said that a hypothesis must be falsifiable.
James Levine
Conductor with crazy hair; music director of the BSO
General Hideki Tojo
Military dictator and prime minister of Japan during most of WWII. Forced to resign after a series of military losses.
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser of Germany during WWI.
Robert Oppenheimer
Head of Los Alamos during the Manhatten Project
Enrico Fermi
Italian scientist who discovered the radioactivity of uranium and achieved the first controleld fission chain reaction in the US.
Gaius Cassius
The leading conspirator of the cabal against Julius Caeser
Marcus Brutus
May have been Julius Caeser's illigitimate son, was part of the cabal against the emperor.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
German theologian and one of the leaders of the resistence movement in Nazi Germany. Executed in 1944.
Leon Trotsky
Bolshevik leader and head of the Red Army. Exile after a power struggle with Stain. Believed in a state of "constant revolution", now called Trotskyism.
Lord Byron
The most famous English poet of his day (early 19th century). Famous for writing Child Harold's Pilgramage and Don Juan
Margaret Mitchell
Wrote Gone With the Wind, published in 1936.
Adolf Eichmann
Organized the holocaust
Reinhard Heydrich
Became head of the Gestapo. Killed over a million Jews in Nazi occupied Russia. Assassinated in 1942.
Rudolf Hoess
Commander of Auschwitz.
Emanuel Swedenborg
Swedish scienctist, philosopher, and mystic. Experienced a revelation whereafter he could supposedly speak to angels and spirits, who told him the true meanings of the scriptures.
Auguste Rodin
French sculptor of The Thinker
Hieronymus Bosch
Dutch painter in 15 and 16th centuries. Painted the Garden of Earthly Delights
Carl Jung
Swiss psychiatrist in the first half of the 20th century.
Allen Ginsberg
Beat Poet of the 50s and 60s. Wrote "Howl".
William S. Burroughs
Beat Generation novelist, most famous work was "Naked Lunch"
In Greek mythology, he was resigned to push a boulder up a hill only to have it fall down again, in Hades.
Queen of the Underworld, daughter of Demeter. Her time up and below earth determine the seasons.
The sun, drove a flaming chariot across the sky.
King of Crete
Ferryman of Hades.
Three headed dog who defended the underworld.
Representative of the arts and music.
Goddess of the hunt
Goddess of the moon
Goddess of love and beauty
Goddess of wisdom and war
God of fire and the forge, for smiths and artisans
Francis Gary Powers
U2 pilot.