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Isabel Hampton Robb
founded the modern nursing theory; graing policy for nursing students
Sojourner Truth
slave/Civil War nurse
Clara Barton
Civil War nurse; founded the American Red Cross
Dorothea Dix
travelling nurse during the Civil War;
Ada Sue Hinshaw
First director of the National Center for Nursing Research (est. 1986)
Virginia Henderson
principles and practices of nursing
Madeleine Leninger
cultural care diversity and university theory
Florence Nightingale
leader nurse during the Crimean War; got medical supplies; focused on altering the patient's environment to aid their recovery; sanitary env., clean air, water etc.; reserched/stats/wrote stuff down
Mary Nutting
founded the ANA and the NLN; organized the Army Corps of Nurses in WWI
Harriet Tubman
slave/Civil War nurse
Patricia A. Grady
director of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR); involved in organizing goals to be reached w/in next 10 years
Lillian Wald
developed a a practice for public health nursing in NYC (Henry St. Settlement)