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Publius Valerius
Publicola; People's Friend
(Pub lee yuhs vah le ree uhs)
Only bridge that led to Rome
Sublician Bridge
(sub li shun) Bridge
King of Clusium of Etruria (Uh tru REE yahs); fought Romans
Lars Porsena
(lahz por SE nuh)
defended Sublician Bridge against invasion
Horatius Cocles
(ho RAY she uhs KAH kleez)
Spurius lartius
Helped Horatius defend the bridge
(SPY ree yuhs LAHR shee yuhs)
Titus Herminius
Helped Horatius defend the bridge
(TI tus her mi nee uhs)
burnt his right hand to prove loyalty to rome
Caius Mucius
(g"eye" yuhs myoo shee uhs)
Mucian Medows
Land on the Tiber given as reward to Mucius
(myoo shee an MEADOWS)
"Give me two good men to help me, and I will hold the bridge..."
(ho RAY she uhs)
"Behold how little we Romans care for pain when it is to defend our country"
(Myoo shee uhs)