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roughly how many children are abused per year?
what percentage of adult women in the US have been abused?
what percentage of adult males in the US have been abused?
-8 to 10%
how many women in the US over the age of 18 have been the victim of domestic violence?
-5.3 million
what ethnic group in the US has the highest rate of domestic violence?
-american indians and alaskan indians
how much does domestic violence cost society each year?
-5.8 billion
how many days of work each year do victims of domestic violence lose?
-8 million
how much does US society spend annually to address child abuse?
-94 billion a year
what is the most important part of the exam for determining child abuse?
-the statements made by the child during the interview
how should a childs statements about possibly abuse be documented in the chart?
what is the responsibility of the health care system in family violence?
-look for it during med exams
-provide information
-help patients devise a safety plan
-always report suspected child abuse
how should children be interviewed about abuse?
-use literal language
-dont show any bad emotional responses
-dont use pronouns
-use short questions
-think adults always tell the truth
-stay away from negatives