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Three 20th century researchers/surveyers of sexuality
1. Katherine Bement Davis (20's) Women
2. Alfred Kinsey (40-50's) Men and Women
3. "Sex in America" (90's) Men and Women
Who was involved in the "Sex in America" survey?
Michael, Gagnon, Laumann, and Kolata
Three instruments used by Masters & Johnson.
1. Penile Strain Gauge
2. Vaginal Photoplethysmograph
3. Vaginal & Rectal Myographs
Research team in 1966 that used "direct observation"
Masters & Johnson
What term refers to human beings representing and reflecting likeness to God?
Imago Dei
Seven Communicable Attributes of God
1. Metaphysically
2. Intellectually
3. Volitionally (will)
4. Emotionally
5. Relationally
6. Morally
7. Functionally
4 Masculine Attributes
1. to move into the world and make an impact
2. a battle to fight
3. experience adventure
4. a beauty to resuce
What question does the masculinity seek to answer?
"Do I matter?"
What does masculinity fear the most?
failure and shame
According to the Bible, women are to give what to their husbands?
According to the Bible, men are to give what to their wives?
4 Feminine Attributes
1. to invite others into a relational network
2. beauty to unveil
3. be romanced and pursued
4. share an adventure
What question does femininity want answered most?
"Am I lovely?"
What does femininity fear the most?
pain and disconnection
Feminine sacrifice is based on what?
Masculine sacrifice is based on what?
In Gen 2, the curse for masculinity is what?
In Gen 2, the curse for femininity is what?
physical and relaitonal attachments
In what format was the Song of Solomon written?
a play
What characters are in the Song of Solomon
1. Shulammite Bride
2. Maidens of Jerusalem
3. The King
5 general functions of sex
1. reproduction
2. anxiety reduction
3. pleasure
4. self-esteem
5. relationship closeness and satisfaction
4 componants of sexual function
1. desire
2. arousal
3. orgasm
4. satisfaction
Results from "good enough sex" satisfaction survey
20-20% Very good quality
40-60% Good quality (at least for one partner)
15-20% Okay, not remarkable quality
1-5% Mediocre quality; dysfunctional
Percentage of married and unmarried couples that experience sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction
married - 50%
unmarried - 60%
Three findings from the study "The Social Organization of Sexualty"
#1. Faithful couples from a married, monogomous relationship were far more emotionally and physically satisfied in their sex life.
#2 Among religious women, emotional and physical satisfaction was significantly higer for prodestent, conservitive women.
#3 Feelings of love, satisfied and taken care of were closley linked to monogomous sex
In the Victorian period, what was known as the degeneracy theory?
Sexual indulgence is detrimental to one's health
What is Onanism?
(origin from Genesis 38) Self-gratification through masterbation