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What is the Criteria for Family Inclusion/exclusion?
1. Related to and accepting of and accepted by.
2. Related to by biology/adoption, that is, legal by marriage/adoption.
3. Are there people related by blood by not accepted by you?
What are other criteria?
1. In proximity to home
2. Who lives with you or shared residence
3. Fictive kin, that is, no biological or legal connection. Mutually supportive relationship.
4. Transcendent connection that goes beyond the here and now, such as those no longer alive or Nature.
What is Family membership?
implies a level of dependency, voluntariness, love, intensity, giving and sacrifice among members. There is an expectation of endurance in family relationships.

There is less a sense of family obligation in the 21st century.

Family relationships involve multiple generations.

Why were animals in drawings? Animals are generally accepting. A mutually supportive relationship exists and animals are often legally registered.
What is the Functions of the Family?
1. Personalized resource sharing units. Members share money.
2. Human and Social reproduction. Children are born into family. Social reproduction means raising children to be responsible members of society (socialization).
3. Regulate sexual behavior. Highest valued sexual behavior is married sex for the purpose of reproduction.
4. Personal maintenance of those who cannot do so fully for themselves. Eating, dressing.
5. Meet or, at least respect, emotional needs.
6. Routine personal and household maintenance. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, keeping track of animals, yard work, car maintenance.
What is Personalized caregiving?
is done by family based on what we now about each other as unique individuals and concern for well-being and happiness of family members.
Set of beliefs and values about the nature of reality and how things should be.
What is Marriage?
A socially approved relationship that is expected to be stable
What is a family?
a environment where two or more people live together. share ties
True Womanhood
where weman worked inside to home to take care of her man.In the 1800 weman started to get job that were female jobs like cleaning. children were sent to get get jobs, and it wasn't intell the early 1900 that th child labor law broke out.
What precent of marriages are remariages?
What is a successful stepfamily?
1. have realistic expectation
2. Stepfamilies let children mourn for the other parent
3. stepfamilies have a strong couples relationship.
4.steparenting role is slow
How many birth were by unmarried woman in the 1950, and how many in 2001?
3 precent
1.3 million
What changes occured for teen mother between 1990-2002?
the precentage increased by 80%
Why is parenthood so apearlen to teens?
1. Widows received most support in past.
2. Now they receive support from social security which is higher than welfare rates and not related to employment.
3. Money from social security is OK; money from welfare is stigmatized and tied to work obligation.
meaning of devorce in the community and psychic
community the norm
psychic deviant behaveor
How many men neither see or pay child support?
What are four catgories that men don't pay child support
the parent in pain
over extended parent
vengeful parent
irrisponsible parent