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What is a metaparadigm?
Philosophical & conceptual framework to guide a profession
What is the nursing petaparadigm?
Nursing is concerned with...
Life process
Human behavior
Positive change
Family is concerned with...
Family process
Family behavior/patterns
Positive changes in family health
Nightingale's Environmental Model
Did not actually present a theory of nursing/family nursing
Acknowledged family in writings
Efforts to create training programs for professional nurses
King's Theory of Goal Attainment
Goal of nursing: "to help individuals maintain their health so they can function in their roles"
Focuses on nurse-patient relationships
Roy's Adaptation Model
Conceptualized the individual as an adaptive system interacting with stimuli via 4 response modes:
Physiological, self-concept, role function, interdependence
Neuman's Health Systems Model
Views client as an open system
Major aspects are:
Orem's Self-Care Model
Nursing care needed when unable to peform self care
Evaluate areas where diminished health may exist
Roger's Science of Unitary Human Beings
Used by researchers as a base for grounding nursing theory and a base for family nursing practice
Nursing is a humanistic and humanitarian science directed toward describing and explaining the human being in synergistic wholeness
Structural Functional Theory
Family as a social system
Examine the family in terms of its relationship with other social structures (ex: medicine, religion, gov)
Emphasis placed on the basic function of the family
Systems Theory
Derived from physics and biology
Encourages nurses to see clients as participating members of a family
Emphasis on the whole rather than on individuals
Family Developmental Theory
Occur at a specific period
Failure to achieve tasks leads to unhappiness, disapproval
Provides forecasting on how family will deal with something
Interactional/Communications Family Therapy Theory
Influenced by systems theory, cybernetics, and information processing theory
Concerned with communication - if a family can't communicate, they can't deal with things.
Structural Family Therapy Theory
Concepts are clear, well integrated, developed, and tested
4 major concepts
Transactional patterns (laws that govern family
Adaptation (to change)
Subsystems (ways families carry out functions)
Boundaries (ensure that subsystems work)
Bowen's Family Systems Therapy Theory
8 interlocking concepts:
*Differentiation of self*
Nuclear family emotional system
Multigenerational transmission process
Family projection process
Sibling position
Emotional cutoff
Societal regression