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Giles Crey
died-crushed by large stones and refused to admit to being a witch
Judge Danforth
Reputation more important to him than anything; knew his daughters were witches
Sarah Good
Thought trial was a joke and laughed when they accused her of being a witch
Reverend Hale
expert in witchcraft; came to salem, and new at the end girls wer pretending
Elizabeth Proctor
Judges her husand's integrity until she witnesses his incredible morale resolve
Reverend Parris
preached that the devil was in Salem and realized if he stopped the trial he would look stupid
John Proctor
farmer/landowner;refuses to confess to witchcraft and this becomes a symbol of truth in a hypocritical world
Mr. Putnam
tells people they are witches so he could get their land and his estate would grow
Mrs. Putnam
She blamed witchcraft for her babies' death(7)
The slave from Barbados and was forced to confess
Mary Warren
She knew people wer making stones up but supported the girls' claims.(accused them but did not want to lose her place in society).
Abigail Williams
started the witchcraft hunt becasue she wanted revenge against John Proctor.
What was Miller's purpose in writing the crucible?
An allegory to show communism (1950's red scare)
Mary Rowlandson:
Waht is subjective language and how is it used in this piece?
Emotionally charged language; trying to make us feel bad about her and he rlife.
Mary Rowlandson:
What was the major event described in Rowlandson's narrative
being kidnapped by native americans
Mary Rowlandson:
In what ways wer the Native Americans kind to Rowlandson?
They gave her a bible
Mary Rowlandson:
What got Rowlandosn through her experience
her faith in god; her experiences revealed god's purpose
Jonathan Edwards:
How does Edwards persuade his audience to listen to his argument?
the fear of burning in hell
Jonathan Edwards:
How does Edwards portray God in his sermon?
As an 'Angry' God; vengful, evil
Jonathan Edwards:
who is Edwards referring to when he speaks of the "unconventional presons in this congregration?"
people who do not believe in god
Benjamin Franklin:
How does franklin rank his virtues?
Master each one, then go down his list
Bejamin Franklin:
Why did Franklin leave Boston?
To work; to become a printer
Benjamin Franklin:
What was Franklin's work ethic like?
He wanted to prove himself to be a hard worker
Benjamin Franklin:
Frankilin's logical and orderly mind reveal him to be a...
member of rationalism
What is Rationalism?
A movement in Europe; rely on reason and logic, did not rely on past authority or religion
Waht did Rationalists believe?
to think logically
What is Deism?
That god is a clockmaker; God created the earth and let us have free will and live on our own
Is the Declaration of Independence an example of Puritan literature? Why or why not?
No, because it was logical; puritan literature was not logical at all it was all about god.
Who is Jefferson's intended audience for the Declaration of Independence?
The colonists at the time
What is the mean idea of the Declaration of In dependence?
To get rid of the government; that we have the right to overthrow that isn't doin us any good
In plain terms, The Delcaration of Independence can be seen as what?
a five paragraph essay
What are the main ideas of Romanticism?
Value of intuition over reason, love of nature, individual freedom (non conformity)
What is transcendentalism?
A belief in human perfectability, little interference with gov., belief in individuality
Who practiced transcendentalism?
Emerso and thoreau
What is Dark Romanticism?
all about signs and symbols as well as human nature, saw evil in humanity, and believed in the original sin
Who were the major pracitioners of Dark Romanticism?
Melville, Hawthorne, and Poe
Rip Van Winkle:
Where does the story take place?
kaatskill mountains
Rip van Winkle:
How did Rip and his wife get along
They didn't
What alternate name did Washington Irving use when he wrote "Rip Van Winkle"
Deidric Knickerbocker
Emerson's Self Reliance:
Emerson compared society to what?
a wave
Emerson's Self Reliance:
What does Emerson believe about being misunderstood?
To be great is to be misunderstood
Who does Emerson say we should trust?
What is conformity? Why did Emerson dislike this idea?
to be lie everyone else; Emerson did not like being like everybody else.
Thoreau's Civil disobedience:
Waht does Thoreau think aobut the government?
He thinks the best kind of government is the kind of governemtnt that governs the least.
Why was Thoreau arrested?
for not paying his poll taxes