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(Beowulf Questions)
a person who is not a Christian, Jew or Muslim
pertaining to Christ and his teachings
What kind of literature is this?
Old English or Anglo-Saxon; pre 1066
When was the story written? When did the story take place?
written in the 8th-10th century AD; took place around 525 AD
Why was this story different?
It is a pagan story written during a Christian time period.
Who wrote Beowulf?
Unknown; the author wanted to remain anonymous; most likely was a man, a monk to be more specific, because he is supposed to serve God it would have been shameful to write a pagan story
Beowulf is another name for what?
What can an anthropologist learn from Beowulf about this early culture?
-they were nomadic
-tombs were pagan and christian
-lots of warfare
-male dominated culture, Beowulf never talks about women
Why did the Geats bury the treasure with Beowulf?
-safe passage to afterlife
-honoring Beowulf
-other tribes couldn't pillage all the treasure
why is Beowulf and effective leader for people living in this early period?
-superhuman powers
-well-respected by other tribes
-willing to die to protect his tribe
-good at strategizing
If Beowulf survived the battle with the dragon, do you think he would have forgiven his men for abandoning him?
He would have forgiven them because they would feel shameful and guilty and that is enough.
Why was Grendel afraid of Beowulf?
-he saw God in Beowulf
-his hands (Beowulf's) were very strong
-Beowulf was intimidating and fearless
What aspects of Christianity do the people depicted in Beowulf seem to have adopted and/or adapted?
-thank God when they win battles
-see God as protector of the throne, praise God in front of the King
-see God through the King and believe his powers came from God
-after he dies his soul would leave his body
What is the name of the monster? Who does he descend from?
Grendel; Cain
What is the name of the great hall used for feasting?
Who is the King of the Danes? (the ones being attacked by Grendel)
What journey and quest does Beowulf embark on?
Beowulf sails over the Baltic Sea to help Hrothgar purge the hall from Grendel.
What physical part of Beowulf scared Grendel the most?
His hands.
When Beowulf fights Grendel, who wins?
What is left in Herot of Grendel's?
His arm
Where does Grendel's mother live?
Under the water in a cave.
What is Beowulf's sword called?
What happens to Grendel's mother?
Beowulf chops off her head.
What does Beowulf take from the undersea lair?
He takes Grendels head and the hilt of the Giant's sword.
How long did Beowulf rule?
50 Years
What does Beowulf ask to be made in his honor?
Beowulf's tower, a tomb
What does Beowulf pass onto Wiglaf?
Wiglaf got his jewlery and armor, and the title as ruler of Geats
Who wins at the battle of Beowulf and the dragon?
the dragon
Why doesn't Beowulf have help in the battle with the dragon?
his "loyal" followers get scared and run away.
(Canterbury Tales Questions)
What was the class structure in medieval times?
-Ruling Class
-Clergy Class
-Middle Class
-Trade Class
-Peasant Class
Why is this story written in an unusual way for the time period?
It was written in the vernacular, and not Latin.
Where were the pilgrims traveling to?
They were traveling to the shrine of St. Thomas Becket who was the Archbishop of Canterbury and was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.
What were the terms of the game?
Each member tells two stories on the way to Canterbury and two on the way back.
What is the name of the inn?
the Tabard inn
What are two things the best tale should have?
It has to have a moral message and be entertaining.
What is the reward?
The winner will get a free meal from the inn.
-noblest of all pilgrims
-military prowess, loyalty, honor, generosity and good manners
-polite and mild
-never says an unkind word to anyone
Squire (Knight's Son)
-apprentice to the knight
-agile and a good warrior
-fights to win favor with the ladies
-he can sing, play flute, draw, write, and ride
-accompanies the knight and squire
-wears green head to toe
-carries a beautiful bow and arrow
-a forester
-not part of royalty, but pretends she is
-very dainty
-speaks french with english accent
-has a broach that says "love conquers all" in Latin
-looks after monestary's business with the external world
-fat, bald, and well-dressed, he resembles a prosperous lord
-knows he sould live a life of "work and prayer" but dismisses the rules for hunting and eating
-in a religious order that lives through begging
-hears confessions and gives easy penance to those who make a donation
-doesn't like beggars or lepers even though those are the people he should be reaching out to
-despite his vow of poverty, he dresses richly and lives merrily because of donations
-wears nice boots and hat
-always talks about money
-stole wine
-a thin student of philosophy at Oxford
Sergeant at the Law
-a lawyer commissioned by the king
-knows every statute of England's law by heart
-wealthy gentlemen farmer
-lots of food in his house
(Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, Carpet-maker)
-dressed in the uniform of their guild
-ulcers on shins
-works for the guildsmen
-wears a dagger around his neck
-steals wine from th merchant he is transporting while he is asleep; rascal
-bases his practice of medicine and surgery on a thourough knowledge of astrology and the four humors
-reads little scripture; his care for the body comes at the price of the soul
-loves gold
Wife of Bath
-has had 5 husbands and taken 3 pilgrimages to Jerusalem
-well traveled
-jolly and talkative
-wears red stockings
-visits all his parishoners, no matter how far away they live
-dedicated to his parish and doesn't want further gain for himself
-accompanies the Parson
-works hard, loves God and his neighbor, labors for Christ
-very crude
-wart on his nose with red hairs sticking out of it; has black nostrils, and a mouth like a furnace
-tells dirty stories
-steals from his customers
-in charge of getting provisions for a college or court
-smarter than 30 lawyers
-manages his lords estate
-steals from his master
-lecherous with a scarred face from leprosy
-uses Latin to make himself seem more educated
-grants papal indulgences
-collects the profits for himself
-carries a bag of fake relics
-good storyteller
-possibly homosexual
Describe the Pardoner's Tale
the story of the three men and the money... go into more detail
Describe the Wife of Bath's Tale
the story of the knight raping the woman and his quest... more detail!
Explain the Rocking Horse Winner Story
About the little boy who gambles and the mother who is greedy... more detail!