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second coming of Christ
the study of the last things
beatific vision
vision of the blessed, describes how the blessed receive God directly
communion of saints
relationship of the livin ganf the dead, death cannot seperate us
At her death Mary, body and soul was taken to heaven-dogma
Immaculate Conception
Mary was conceived in the womb of her mother (St. Ann) free from sin-dogma
sacraments effect what they signify, presence of unseen God
giving thanks, thanksgiving
doctrine that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus although the appearance is the same
Paschal Mystery
Pass over from death to life, in order to come to life we must die, throughout life you surrender to Jesus, at your death you give yourself
change of heart/mind, life change
one who is taught, wants to become
the eucharist given to a dying person
Permanent and binding
Pelagius, a British monk believed that there was no original sin and affirmed human free will
what scholars call the ten commandments
blessings, attitudes
The bible presents two different scenarios for the end of time:
1. Destruction
2. Renewal
Traditionally, the four areas with which eschatology is concerned are:
1. Death
2. Particular Judgment
3. Heaven
4. Hell
Death can be considered from at least three different points of view. Name and describe them BRIEFLY:
1. Biological- dying is apart of natural process, all living things die
2. Theological- without original sin there would be no death
3. Christian- death was Jesus' final act of self giving
Judgment affirms two theological values:
1. Justice- God would not be just if the good and wicked were treated the same
2. Human Freedom- choice to reject God
There are two aspects or stages to judgment:
1. Particular Judment- judgment at an individuals moment of death
2. Last Judgment- when the end comes the dead will be raised and the good swept away
What are the seven sacraments?Group them into three categories:
Sacraments of Initiation:
Sacraments of Healing:
Anointment of Sick
Sacraments of Vocation:
List four ways in which Christ is truly present in the Mass
1. Took the bread
2. Blessed the bread
3. Broke the bread
4. Gave to all
Name three different ways in which the Mass can be understood:
1. A meal which anticipates the heavenly banquet
2. A meal-sacrafice of thanksgiving
3. "Communion" with the Lord
1 Corinthians 11:23-26 makes at least seven points that are important for understanding the origins and meaning of the Eucharist. List four:
1. Means thanksgiving
2. Identifies bread as the body of Christ
3. Idenifies wine as the blood of Christ
4. Establishes new covenant
Baptism's use of water symbolizes two realities:
1. Death
2. Life
According to Paul what does baptism symbolize?
In Baptism we unite ourselves wih Christ ans we will rise to new life free from sin
What is the essential formula "the exact words" for valid baptism?
" I baptize you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit"
List the four effects of Baptism:
1.The forgiveness of sins
2.A new creation
3.Members of the Body of Christ
4.Sharers in the Priestly, Royal, adn Prophetic Ministry of Christ
How is the sacrament of Reconciliation related to the mission of Jesus?
Jesus came to fix the relationship between humanity and God and by forgiving sin
How is the sacrament of Anointing the Sick related to the ministry of Christ?
Jesus did this while he was alive and he helps to pass over when you die
Paul gave two reasons why he thought people are better off not getting married:
1. There is no time, you need to prepare for the parousia
2. It is a distraction from your devotion to God
In the Catholic Church who ministers the sacrament of marriage?
The man and the women who are getting married
In the Catholic Church, what three elements are required for valid marriage?
1. Consent
2. Permanence
3. Children
What is an annulment?
A marriage that is not valid or recognized because one of the three elements was not present
What two elements are required for sin?
1. Intention
2. Acts
What are "the four D's" that go into making an informed moral decision?
1. Dig for information
2. Deliberate between alternatives
3. Decide what to do
4. Do it