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What is a clutch of eggs?
It is a group or bunch of eggs laid in a nest.
What are young falcons or birds called?
When falcons find a mate and become very close, this is called being______________.
How do falcons build their nests on cliffs?
by scratching away rocks.
What is an ornithologist?
a bird expert.
What are baby falcons called?
Falcons keep small animals from becoming too ______________.
What kind of birds are falcons known as?
birds of prey
What is a falcon family called?
a brood
What poison caused the falcon's eggshells to be too thin and break?
How long do the researchers raise the peregrines?
until they are nestlings.
Where do researchers raise peregrines?
in a laboratory
What kind of hunters are falcons?
remarkable and skillful
What is a stoop?
a dive
A falcon's body is designed for ____________.
What are eyries?
They are the places where falcons live.
Where do most peregrines build their nests?
on cliffs.
Where did the peregrine falcons build their nest in our story?
on a skyscraper.