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adj. aware
I was not cognizant of the test that was scheduled for this week.
adj. repetitive, saying the same thing twice
We already heard her tell us her name, so when she said it again it was a bit redundant.
adj. unnecessary
The directions she gave us were superfluous, because we already knew the way by heart
false information that is spread to large masses of people for the sake of advancing a cause
The slimey politician put propaganda on all of his posters that led people to believe that his opponent is a criminal.
the act of removing materials/ideas/literature considered objectionable by the person given the authority to do so
When the librarian took the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" out of the library, she was accused of censorship.
Social Commentary
the expression of opinions or social issues through the work of an author or other artist
In Animal Farm, George Orwell had a lot of social commentary about the evils of dictatorships.
words or ideas that express the opposite of what they mean
There was a lot of irony in her voice when she said, "Gee, that was hilarious the way you made fun of me."