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What are a few "facts" from the lecture notes? (5)
1.Divorce rate= 50%
2.Divorce rate higher in 2nd marriages than 1st.
3.People living together more likely to break up, cheat, abuse, be depressed
4. 34% children born to single moms. 75% children see parents break up
5. divorce, break up, etc. difficult to kids
What is a modern family?
Husband, wife and children in an independent household. it is called this b/c it emerged with modern industrial society.
Define a 'healthy family'
A family that can maintain cohesiveness and connectedness while at the same time tolerating and promoting authority and its members.
How do families create a place to "belong"?
1.By creating both physical and psychological boundaries b/t themselves and rest of the world.
2.By performing archival functions that create, store, preserve or pass on objects events or rituals.
What are 3 significant changes in age structure and social context of age?
1. Longevity
2. Approach to aging
3. Change in demography
What are Erving Goffmans 2 ideals?
1.Frontstage: what we show the public
2.Backstage:private sphere, where we can be informal and relaxed
When families create, store, preserve or pass on particular objects, events, or rituals that members consider relevant to their personal identities and to maintaining the family as a unique experiential reality or group.
Archival Family Function
What are some examples of Archival Family Function?
photos, family movies, artifacts from infancy (baby blanket),diplomas or awards, baby teeth
Placing family well-being over individual interests and preferences.
What are the 4 themes of Marriages and Families?
1.personal decisions must be made throughout the life course
2.People are influenced by the society around them.'s society is characterized by increased economic, ethic and family diversity where increased tension occurs between family and individual values.
4.personal decision making feeds back into society and changes it.