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What were the dimensions of the Mayflower?
About 90-100ft long and about 26ft wide. It carried app. 102 passengers.
Who was Miles Standish?
He was a professional soldier hired by the Pilgrims as military advisor.
During the Napoleonic wars, over 5 million people died. TRUE/FALSE
What were the Napoleonic decrees?
Napoleon took 14,000 french decrees and simplified them into a unified set of 7 laws.
Who discovered the Rosetta stone?
During Napoleons conquest of Egypt his soldiers discovered the Rosetta stone. This was the stone that unlocked the secret of the hierglyphs and enabled scholars to translate the vast amounts of the ancient writing.
Did Napoleon outlaw the inquisition?
Yes. he also instituted constitutions, abolished slavery, introduced uniform laws for all people, created effecient governments, and fostered the sciences and the arts.
How many presidents have been assassinated in office.
Four presidents were assassinated.
Lincoln, Kennedy, McKinley and Garfield.
Which presidents died in office?
Which president died in office under suspicious circumstances?
He was a friendly, kindly man, and very handsome. It is believed that he had numerous affairs
How many people died in the civil war?
The war produced 700,000 fatalities. It lasted 4 years.
Did a former king of England have blue urine?
Yes. King george the 3rd. He probably suffered from porphyria(overproduction of porphyrins, the reddish components of the RBC that carries O2 through the body.
Overproduction can cause the skin to turn red or even blister in sunlight. It can stain teeth as well.
Was King George the 3rd also known as Mad King George?
Yes. He was pronounced insane in 1811.
He issued the Stamp act which permitted colonists in the Americas to be taxed without being represented. It precipitated the American revolution.
Where is the island of Diego Garcia?
It is a small horseshoe shaped island in the Indian ocean that was once a coconut plantation. It is seven square miles, and used as an emergency landing place for the shuttle.