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Name the facticious disorders
Factitious disorder with predominately signs and symptons

Fictitious disorder with predominently physical signs and symptoms

Factitous disorder with combined psychological and physical signs and symptoms

Fictitous disorder NOS
Name the general diagnostic criteria for general factitous disorder
A. Purposeful creation or feigning of signs or symptoms (physical or psychological)

B. Assuming the sick role is motivation

C. External incentives are not present
Name the diagnostic criteria for fictious disorder with predominantly psychological signs & symptoms
A. Meets criterial for general factitous disorder

B. Psychological signs and symptoms predomniate
Name the diagnostic criteria for facticious disorder with predominantly physical signs and symptoms
A.Meets criteria for general facticious disorder

B. Physical signs and symptoms predominate
Name the diagnostic criteria for factitious disorder w/ combined psychological and physical symptoms
Meets criteria for general factitious disorder and signs are present but neither predominates