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What is the biggest structure in the world?
The Great wall of China
How long is the Great wall of China? (miles)
2,162 Miles long
Why was the Great wall of China built?
To keep foreign raiders out
What is the capitol of Montana?
What is the Nickname of Montana?
Big Sky Country
Montana has the only _______ mine in the U.S.
Where does the Missouri start?
What is the worlds largest lake?
Caspian Sea
Where is the Caspian Sea located?
Central Asia
What is the 2nd largest lake in the world?
Lake Superior
What is the capitol of Nebraska?
What is the nickname of Nebraska?
Cornhusker State
Nebraska has the only 1 house _________. What is that 1 thing called?
Legislature, Unicameral
What was the 1st city in the world to have over 1 million people?
Rome, Italy
Name the 5 most populous cities in the world.
Toyko, Japan Mexico City, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil Seokl, South Korea New York City, USA
What is the capitol city of Neveda?
Carson City
What is the nickname of Neveda?
Silver State
Capital of Kentucky?
Nickname of Kentucky?
Bluegrass State
Kentucky was one of the _ states that remained in the Union during the _____ war.
4, civil
Gerald R. Ford was what president?
Who was the oldest living president?
Ford, 93
He was _______ and vice _______ and never be elected to either position.
President, President
He was an all-american in what sport?
When did Utah gain statehood?
Jan. 4, 1896
Name the 5 states that joined the union after Utah.
Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska
Capital of Louisianna?
Baton Rouge
Nickname of Louisianna?
Pelican State
What is the worlds largest bridge?
Pontchartrain Causeway
Who was the first president to speak over the radio?
Who was the first president to appear on television?
Capital of Maine?