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What is the name of the person who told a lot of fables?
Name three characteristics of a fable.
It is a short story, with animal characters, and it has a moral.
What is a moral?
A lesson or something to learn
Where did Aesop live?
Why did the lion laugh at the mouse?
The lion thought that the mouse was too small to help a big animal like him.
How did the mouse help the lion?
The lion was trapped in a net, and the mouse chewed through the net to free the lion.
What is the moral (in your own words) of "The Lion and the Mouse"?
Friends help each other by doing nice things for each other.
Why did the desert animals laugh at the camel?
Because he looked silly dancing. Camel was trying to dance like Monkey.
What did Monkey do at the party the animals had?
She put on a great show and danced wonderfully.
What is the moral (in your own words) of he Monkey and the Camel"?
One way to lose friends is to pretend to be something you're not.
What are "beasts"?
Beasts are wild animals.
What does "tangled up" mean?
Tangled up means all in knots or twisted.
What does "show off" mean?
Show off means you tell people you can do something really well to get attention.
What is a "trap"?
A trap is used to catch animals.
What does "jealous" mean?
Jealous means you want what someone else has.