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ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk
truncus arteriosus
smooth parts of left and right ventricle
bulbus cordis
trabeculated parts of left and right ventricle
primitive ventricle
trabeculated parts of left and right atria
primitive atria
coronary sinus
left horn of sinus venosum (SV)
smooth part of right atrium
right horn of SV
right common cardinal vein and right anterior cardinal vein
Fetal erythropoiesis occurs in:
Yolk sac (3-8 wks)
Liver (6-30 wks)
Spleen (9-28 wks)
Bone marrow (28 wks onward)
(Young Liver Synthesizes Blood)
3 important shunts and their paths
1) Foramen ovale (IVC --> foramen ovale --> aorta --> head)
2) Ductus arteriosus (SVC --> pumonary artery --> ductus arteriosus --> lower body)
3) Ductus venosus (Umbilical vein --> ductus venosus --> IVC)
What closes PDA and what keeps a PDA open
Close: indomethacin
Open: prostaglandins
umbilical vein becomes
ligamentum teres hepatis (aka round ligament of liver)
umbilical arteries becomes
medial umbilical ligaments
ductus arteriosus
ligamentum arteriosus
ductus venosus
ligamentum venosum
foramen ovale
fossa ovalis
allantois (urachus)
median umbilical ligament
nucleus pulposus of intervertebral disk
The ___ is the part of the allantoic duct between the bladder and the umbilicus
1st Aortic arch
part of Maxillary artery
2nd Aortic arch
Stapedial artery and hyoid artery
3rd Aortic arch
common Carotid artery and proximal part of internal carotid artery
4h Aortic arch
left: aortic arch
right: proximal part of right subclavian artery
5th Aortic arch
6th Aortic arch
proximal part of pulmonary arteries and (on left) ductus arteriosus