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What is infliximab?
Humanized antibody to TNF
What is infliximab used to treat?
Crohn's disease
What is not effective in treating Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis?
What is Etanercept?
Synthetic soluble TNF receptor
What is TNF alpha the principle mediator of?
Acute inflammatory responses to gram negative bacteria and other microbes
What does TNF-alpha cause in low quantities?
-Endothelial activation
-Leukocyte activation
Local inflammation
What does TNF-alpha cuase in intermediate quantities?
Systemic effects like fever, APR production from the liver, and leukocyte production from BM
What does TNF-alpha cause in high quantities?
Septic shock
What is the principal activator of macrophages?
What does IFN-y do to Bcells?
Promotes isotype switching to IgG2 subclasses, and inhibits switching to the IL4 dependent subclasses (IgE)
What is Actimmune?
Recombinant IFN-y
What is Actimmune prescribed for?
Chronic granulamatous disease, to activate better phagocytosis
What is Maraviroc?
An antagonist to CCR5 (chemokine receptor)
What is Maraviroc used to treat?
What is Plerixafor?
A CXCR4 antagonist
What is Plerixafor used for?
Mobilizing stem cells and aiding in transplant engraftment
What are the four major cytokines in INNATE immunity?
What are the major sources of the innate cytokines?
Macrophages and NK cells
What are the stimuli for innate cytokine secretion?
-Bacterial products
-Viral RNA
-T cell cytokines
What is the level of cytokines generally in an innate inflammatory response?
High - may be detectable
What role do the innate cytokines play in disease?
Systemic - septic shock
What inhibits innate cytokines?
What are the major adaptive cytokines?
IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IFN-y
What is the major source of the adaptive cytokines?
T cells
What is the main stimulus for adaptive cytokine secretion?
Protein antigens
What are the levels of adaptive cytokines?
Generally low, undetectable.
What role do adaptive cytokines play in disease?
Local - granulomatous
What are 2 major inhibitors of adaptive immune cytokines?
What is the principle mediator of acute inflammatory responses to gram neg bacteria and microbes?
What are the TNF-alpha receptors?
What does TNF-alpha binding to TNFRI and TNFRII result in?
TRAF activation
What does TRAF activation do?
Modifies gene transcription via the txp factors NF-kB and AP1