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What muscles connect the thoracic limb to the head, neck and trunk?
Extrinsic muscle of the thoracic limb.
Name five of the eight extrinsic muscles of the thoracic limb.
latissimus dorsi,trapezius, bracheocephalicus, teres major, teres minor, superficial and deep pectoral, serratus ventralis and rhomboideus
Which extrinsic muscle supports the weight of the trunk?
Serratus ventralis- forms a sling for the trunk.
What muscles originate and insert on the bones of the thoracic limb?
Intrinsic muscles of the limb
What nerve innervates the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles?
suprascapular nerve
What is the common insertion of sll four heads of the triceps brachii muscle?
Where does the biceps brachii muscle originate?
supraglenoid tuberosity
What nerve innervates the triceps and other extensors of the elbow?
Radial nerve
Of what do the craniolateral forearm (antebrachial) muscles consist?
Extensor: digits and carpus and supinators:paw
Of what do the caudal antebrachial muscles consist?
Flexors: digits and carpus and pronator: paw
Where do most of the extensors of the digits arise?
On or near lateral(extensor) epicondyle
Where do the caudal antebrachial (flexor) muscles originate?
Medial(flexor) epicondyle of humerus
Where does the superfical digital flexor(SDF) insert?
Middle phalanges digit 2-5
What is the insertion of the deep digital flexor muscle (DDF)?
Distal phalanges
What joint does the DDF affect that the SDF doesn't and why?
Distal interphalangeal joint, crosses it, SDF doesn't