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calculation, bill
bank account
conta bancária
to pretend
fazer de conta
to be none of one´s business
não ser da conta de alguém
to realize
dar-se conta
to be able to do something
dar conta (do recado)
take into consideration
levar en conta (ter em conta)
to square one´s accounts with
acertar (saldar) as contas
to take revenge
ajustar as contas
after all - in the long run
afinal de contas, no fim das contas
good deal - good price
sair em conta
to take care, to take over
tomar conta
to get very angry -or- to dedicate his whole time to do something
ficar por conta
to be just sufficient, just enough -or- soon after
ser a conta
to account for (money or consequences of bad behavoir)
prestar contas
a lot, very, too much
demais da conta