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a bordo
on board
a caballo
on horseback
a cada instante
at every moment
a campo raso
in the open
a casa
at home
a causa de
because of
a ciegas
a contrapelo
against the grain
a escondidas
on the sly
a espaldas
a eso de
at about (a certain time)
a fin de cuentas
after all
a fines de
at the end (day, week, etc)
a fondo
a fuerza de
by dint of
a gatas
on all fours
a hurto
on the sly
a lo largo de
alongside of
a lo lejos
in the distance
a lo mejor
a lo menos
at least
a los cuatro vientos
in all directions
a mano
by hand
mano a mano
together / hand in hand
a más tardar
at the very latest
a mediados de
about the middle of
a medio hacer
half done
a menudo
a mi parecer
in my opinion
a oscuras
in the dark
a pesar de
in spite of
a pie
on foot
a pierna suelta
without a care
a pocos pasos
at a short distance
a primera luz
at dawn
a principios de
at the beginning of
a propósito
on purpose
a que
I bet!
a sabiendas
a saltos
by leaps and bounds
a solas
a tiempo
on time
a tientas
a todo correr
at full speed
a través de
a veces
at times
a ver
let's see
frente a
in front of
junto a
beside / next to
poco a poco
little by little
uno a uno
one by one
a la derecha
to the right
a la izquierda
to the left
a la larga
in the long run
a la semana
per week
a la vez
at the same time