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es dudoso
it is doubtful
es imprtante
it is impportant
es imposible
it is imposible
es una la*stima
it is a pity
es mejor
it is better
ma*s vale
it is better
es extran*o
it is strange
es urgente
it is urgent
es fa*cil
it is easy
es preferible
it is preferable
es necesario
it is necessary
es preciso
it is necessary
es posible
it is possible
es probable
it is probable
es bueno
it is good
es difi*cil
it is difficult
es terrible
it is terrible
es malo
it is bad
es soprendente
it is surprising
es verdad
it is true
es cierto
it is true
sin duda
without doubt
es seguro
it is certain
esta* claro
it is clear
es evidente
it is evident
es obvio
it is obvious
no hay duda
it is not doubtful