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"The Rooster's crowing"
"But at Osaka's gateway/The guards are never fooled."
"this morning (for the girls of eastern high school)"
Lucille Clifton
"Ballad of Birmingham"
"But you may go to church instead"
"'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves"
Langston Hughes
Etheridge Knight
"Blessed Lord, what it is to be young"
"The singer, the song, and the sung."
Carl Sandburg
"In a Farmhouse"
Luis Omar Salinas
What is a ballad?
A ballad is a form of poetry that tells story, passed from person to person, often as a simple song with rhyming words and a refrain.
What is the difference between rhyme and rhythm?
Rhymes are words that end with the same or similar sounds, while rhythm is a pattern created by the stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry.
What is imagery?
Imagery is the use of word pictures that appeal to the fives senses.
Give an example of imagery from a poem in Unit 7
(You find an example of imagery.)
What is voice?
Voice is the way a writer expresses ideas through style, form, content, and purpose.
Give an example of voice from a poem in Unit 7
(Find an example of voice.)
In "The Streets of Laredo," the cowboy is wrapped up in
a. a towel b. blue bed sheets c. gray flannel d. white linen
"The rooster's crowing" is in a traditional form of Japanese poetry called
a.tanka b. haiku c. an anecdote d. blank verse
With words like tinkle, oversprinkle, and twinkle, Poe imitates the sound of slivery sleigh bells. This is called what?
a. onomatopoeia b. assonance c. a metaphor d. alliteration
The quote from "My Life Story," "...she is too small/ only a sand in the big desert," is an example of what?
a. onomatopoeia b. assonance c. a metaphor d. alliteration
Cool and school are examples of what?
a onomatopoeia b. assonance c. metaphors d. alliteration
Lurk late and strike straight are examples of what?
a. onomatopoeia b. assonance c. metaphors d. alliteration
In "The Poet," the poet's table is covered with what?
a. ink b. books c. pens. d. paper
The main subject of Luis Omar Salinas's poems is the experience of what people in the United States?
a. American Indian b. African-American c. Hispanic d. Spanish
In "Nikki-Rosa," the poet doesn't think a white person will ever understand that Black love is Black what?
a. power b. wealth c. intelligence d. courage