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What was established when Spain and Portugal agreed to the Line of Demarcation?
The Treaty of Tordesillas
What are conquistadors?
Conquerer's for wealth
Who claimed the pacific in 1513?
Who discovered the Isthmus of Panama?
Who discovered the Great South Sea?
Who discovered the Phillipians?
What three things did Megellan prove?
1) He proved the earth was round
2) Earth was larger than thought
3) There is a great land mass in the middle
Who named the tip of Africa Cape Horn?
Whom, in 1519, explored Mexico and the Aztecs?
How many soliders did Cortez have, and what was he treated as?
He had 600 soliders and he was treated as a god.
Why was Cortez treated as a god?
Because an Aztec legend says that a bearded person would come to the earth, and would help them
Who explored Brazil? When? Where was this man from?
Cabrall explored Brazil in 1500, and he was from Portugal.
What did the Aztecs think that gold was?
Tears from the sun
Who takes over the Inca Tribe? In what country?
Pizarro; Peru
What did the Inca's think that gold was? Why?
They thought that if was sweat from the sun, because they were workers.
Who does Pizzaro capture and kill?
Why do Pizzaro's troops kill him?
Because he gets wealthy and greedy.
What are the borderlands?
Southern reaches of the united states
What are the borderlands setting a border for?
New Spain and the unknown
Who discovers Florida?
Ponce De Leon
Navarez pronounces himself governor of where? When?
Florida; 1528
Who are Estavanico and Vaca?
Vaca is a leader who ends up going to Spain and writing a book about Indians. Estavanico is a translator and scout. He is also the first black man in America.
How long were Estavanico and Vaca slaves for?
5 years
When Estavanico and Vaca escaped, where did they explore? How many miles did they travel? How long did it take? When was it?
Explored South West across Rio Grande to Mexico. 1,000 miles, 8 years. 1533
What does Coronado discover? When? What was he searching for?
New Mexico, Grand Canyon, Kansas. 1540, golden cities.
How do Estanvanico and Coronado get killed?
by Indians
When did Balboa explore?
When did Megellan explore?
When did Cortez explore?
When did Pizarro explore?