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Avascular layer composed of 4-5 different layers
The most abundent epithelial cells in the epidermis and produce keratin.
Epidermal cells that produce pigment called melanin
Dendritic Cells
Immunity cells of the epidermis
Tactile (Merkel) Cells
Responsible for touch receptors.
Stratum basale
The deepest layer of the epidermis composed of rapidly dividing cells and melanocytes
Stratum spinosum
2nd deepest layer in the epidermis composed of dividing cells and tactile cells
Stratum granulosum
3rd deepest layer in the epidermis composed of dying cells
Stratum lucidum
4th deepest layer in the epidermis composed of flattened dead keratinocytes used for protection in high impact areas
Stratum corneum
Outermost layer of keratinocytes consisting of about 20-30 layers of dead keratinocytes
2nd layer of skin inferior to the epidermis, composed of papillary layer and reticular layer
Dermal papilae
Superior layer of dermis which is bumpy giving individuals their finer prints
Reticular Layer
Deepest skin layer composed of dense irregular connective tissue and contains many arteries and veins, sweat and sebaceous glands, and pressure receptors
Gives people their browish tone
Gives people their yelow-orangish tone
The visable attached portion
Free Edge
Portion of the nail that frows out away from the body
The part that is embedded in the skin and adheres to an epithelial nail bed
Nail Folds
Skin folds that overlap the boarders of the nail
The thick proximal nail fold commonly called the cuticle
Nail Bed
Extension of the stratum basale beneath the nail
Nail Matrix
Thickened proximal part of the nail bed containing germinal cells responsible for nail growth
Proximal region of the thickened nail matrix which appears as a white crescent.
Consist of three different parts, the medulla, cortex, and cuticle
Folicle Wall
The superficial layer of hair composed of an internal and external epithealial root sheath, glassy membrane, and connective tissue root sheath
Eccrine Glands
Sweat glands found over the majority of the body that help us to cool down during exercise
Apocrine Glands
Sweat glands found in the axillary and genital areas that produce a milky protein and fat rich sweat.