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Department of Commerce
Deals with trades, industry, and business
Department of Justice
enforces the laws of the U.S. in the federal courts
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Helps veterans

Formed in 1989
Department of Transportation
Includes all transportation

Includes Coast Guard
How does the fedeal government get most of its money?
From taxes
What does debt mean?
spending more money than you earn

owing money to someone
Department of the Interior
Deals with all natural resources, National Parks, dams and water power
Who takes over if the President can not do his job?
Vice President
How long is the President's term?
4 years
What is the Cabinet?
A group of people who work closely with the President and are his advisors.
Each advior is called a "Secretary"
Department of the State
takes care of foreign affairs
including participation in the United Nations
Department of Energy
Makes energy policies

Formed in 1977
Department of Labor
Helps workers
enforces labor laws
What are the qualifications for President?
35 years old
resident of U.S. for 14 years
natural born U.S. citizen
Department of Homeland Security
Inures that U.S. is secure and safe

Newest cabinet department
How are the President and the Vice President elected?
By the electoral college
Department of Housing and Urban Develpment (HUD)
Deals with needs of urban (cities) development

solves problems of urban living
Department of Education
Oversees schools and education

Formed in 1979
Department of Health and Human Services
deals with our country's health matters, Social Security, the Food and Drug Administration
Department of the Treasury
manages our country's money
responsible for printing and coining money
runs Secret Service
Department of Defense
Deals with the Armed Forces

Department of Agriculture
Helps farmers
Does research about farming