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What are the three major layers of the MAPI architecture?
client application layer, MAPI subsystem, and service providers
What three major API sets does MAPI encompass?
Simple MAPI, Common Mail Call (CMC), and MAPI 1.x
What are MAPI service providers manifested as?
What are the three main types of service providers?
address book providers, message store providers, and message transport providers
How much data can a PST store?
up to 16,000 entries and 2Gb of data
What two script files can be used to simplify Outlook setup?
Outlook.stf and Outlook.prf
What does Outlook.stf do?
modifies Outlook setup parameters
What does Outlook.prf do?
modifies the default Outlook profile
What tool can be used to customize Outlook.stf?
the Network Installation Wizard (NIW)
How can Outlook.prf be modified?
it must be modified manually
What programs can be used to assign "Send As" permissions?
only Exchange Administrator
What are the three types of form libraries?
organization forms library, personal forms library, and folder forms library
What kind of form is usually placed in a folder forms library?
a post form
What program is used to create the organization forms library?
Exchange Administrator
How large is an average Outlook form?
In what two major ways do forms designed with Outlook Forms Designer differ from those designed with Exchange Forms Designer?
they are 32-bit, and not compiled
What advantage does being 32-bit give Outlook forms?
they can use components from Office 97
What must be done to allow a form to be used?
it must be published
Can public folders be created with Exchange Administrator?
What three users are created on the permissions list when a public folder is created?
the user that created the folder, Default, and Anonymous
What component monitors public folders that have scripts?
the Microsoft Exchange Event Service
What permission is necessary to create, edit, or save a script for a folder?
What protocol is used to perform hashing?
Message Digest 5 (MD5)
What key size does DES use?
Who developed CAST?
Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares
What key length does CAST use?
a variable length between 40 and 128 bits
What two versions of CAST can Outlook use?
CAST-40 or CAST-64
Why is 512-bit RSA encryption legally exportable everywhere?
it is only used for digital signatures, not for encrypting message content
What two passwords are involved with installing and configuring key management?
the Key Manager service password, and the advanced security administrator password
What two things must be done by the Key Management administrator before users can use advanced security?
each user's mailbox must be configured, and certificates must be created
What Exchange component stores public keys and CRL's?
the DS
Does the KM server need to be online for advanced security to work?
only during client configuration
Where are private keys and certificates stored?
in an EPF file
What two protocols can be used to seal a message?
What happens if a message is sent to multiple recipients that use different sealing protocols?
the weakest sealing protocol is used