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What is the main difference between the Standard and Enterprise editions?
the connectors bundled with them
What three rights are granted to the site services account?
Log On As a Service, Act As Part of the Operating System, and Restore Files and Directories
What group should the site services account NOT be a part of?
the Administrators group
What licensing modes are available for Exchange 5.5?
Per Seat only
What does the Client Pack License contain?
the Exchange Client software and 20 CALs
Does each Exchange server in a site require a unique account?
no, they must all use the same account
What must be done if Exchange servers in a site belong to multiple domains?
a trust relationship must be established between those domains
What are the logical boundaries between sites called?
site boundaries
What are the four primary reasons to add an Exchange server to an existing site?
fault tolerance, capacity, performance, and scaling
What program will administrators probably want on their personal workstations?
Exchange Administrator
What are the two options for upgrading an Exchange Server?
Standard and Fault-Tolerant
How does a fault-tolerant upgrade work?
each database is copied to a separate location before upgrading
What are the two space restrictions for a fault-tolerant upgrade?
it requires 2x the size of the IS, and it can't be a network drive
What versions can't use the fault-tolerant upgrade option?
Exchange 4.0 or earlier
How long can it take to upgrade a large IS?
over a day
What is a directory replication bridgehead server?
a server connected to another site that exchanges directory information with that site
What requirement exist to use Exchange with Cluster Server?
only the Enterprise Edition can use Cluster Server
When installing Exchange on a cluster, does it matter which server is loaded first?
yes, the active server must be loaded first
What size does the page file on the Exchange Server have to be?
50 Mb + size of memory
When adding an Exchange Server to an existing site, what two pieces of information are needed?
the name of an existing Exchange Server, and the password for the Site Service Account
Whaty are the four main types of recipients?
mailboxes, distribution lists, custom recipients, and public folders
What three programs can be used to create a mailbox?
Exchange Administrator, NT User Manager for Domains, and Exchange Extract and Import Tools
What happens to User Manager for Domains when Exchange is installed?
Mailumx.dll is added to User Manager for Domains
What are the four predefined permissions roles for a mailbox?
Admin, Permissions Admin, Send As, and User
What does the Mailbox Owner right do?
allows a user to use the mailbox and receive mail
Why might you want to designate a specific server for distribution list expansion?
it can be processor-intensive
What two things should you do when creating a mailbox template?
give it a name that indicates its purpose, and hide it from the GAL
Can existing mailboxes be moved to a new server?
only within the same site
Why might a mailbox increase in size when moved to another server?
any single-instance storage messages have to be duplicated
How can a mailbox be manually copied to a new home server?
copy the contents to a PST, create the new mailbox, and populate from PST
What drawback does manually moving a mailbox present?
replies to messages sent before the mailbox was moved will not reach the recipient
What format are export files created in?