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What are the two main goals for MAPI?
to provide a standard API for client/server messaging, and to provide a standard set of services to client messaging apps
What standard is MAPI a part of?
Component Object Model (COM)
What protocol does Exchange use to pass instructions and data between machines?
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
What is a procedure call?
a process that transfers instructions and data between a program and a processor or processors
What are the two main types of procedure calls?
local procedure calls and remote procedure calls
Why do you need a high-speed connection between computers involved in an RPC session?
the request/reply is supposed to be transparent
What is the goal of the X.400 standard?
to enable a global electronic messaging network
What TCP/IP layer does X.400 operate at?
the Application layer
What does the X.500 standard specify?
a global directory service
What two main areas does X.500 address?
directory structure and directory access
What is an X.500 Distinguished Name (DN)?
the location of that object in a directory
What advantage does LDAP have over DAP?
it is less client resource-intensive
What three objects constitute the main structure in the Exchange heirarchy?
Organization, Sites, and Servers
What Microsoft technology enables the Exchange Client to create compound documents using drag-and-drop?
What unit is at the top of the Exchange heirarchy?
the Organization
How many organizations should be created by a particular company?
only one
What are sites?
logical groupings of one or more Exchange servers
What does a site do?
groups all resources of the servers in that site without reference to location
What is a mailbox's home server?
the server it physically resides on
What are the two primary requirements to create a site?
there must be a permanent, high-speed connection between all servers; and all servers must be in the same NT security context
Why does a site require a high-speed connection between site servers?
all intrasite communication uses RPC
Why must all servers in a site be in the same security context?
during a communication, the initiating server logs on to the recipient
Why must all servers in a site be in the same security context?
during a communication, the initiating server logs on to the recipient
What account is used during intrasite communication?
the Site Services Account
What are the four core Exchange components?
Directory Service (DS), Information Store (IS), Message Transfer Agent (MTA), and System Attendant (SA)
What does the Direcory Service (DS) do?
creates and manages storage of all information about Exchange objects
What is the primary property of the Oganization object?
What file holds the Exchange directory configuration data?
What user data should be backed up?
the Information Store (pub.edb & priv.edb), PST's, OST's, PAB's, and transaction logs
What configuration data should be backed up?
the Exchange directory (dir.edb), the registry, and subdirectories under the install path
Is Key Management (KM) server data automatically backed up by online backups?
Where is Exchange 5.5 KM server data located?
What is the default path for the information store databases?
exchsrvr\mdbdata\pub.edb & priv.edb
What is the default path for the Exchange directory?
Where are the information store transaction logs located?
Where are the Exchange directory transaction logs stored?
What program will repair a damaged PST?
How can a lost or password-protected PST be recovered?
it can't
What is an OST file?
an offline message store
When is OST data at risk?
when changes to a local OST have not been replicated to the server store
How is a client-based OST recovered from a server copy?
a new OST is created on the client and the OST is synchronized
What program is used to repair a damaged OST?
What is the difference between archiving and exporting?
archiving moves items; exporting copies them
Does the respective service have to be running to perform an online backup?
Can an offline backup be performed while Exchange is running?
What is the minimum CPU necessary to run Exchange?
Pentium 60
What is the minimum RAM necessary to run Exchange 5.5?
24 Mb
What is the minimum amount of free space necessary to run Exchange 5.5?
250 Mb
What OS is necessary to run Exchange 5.5?
NT Server 3.51 SP5 or higher
How many items can Outlook 97 support?