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a disturbance in normal functioning
condition resulting from a loss of physical functioning; difficulties in
learning and social adjustment that significantly interfere with normal growth and development
a limitation imposed on an individual and their capacity to cope with it
any individual whose physical, mental, or behavioral performance
deviates so substantially from average that additional support is needed to meet their needs
extraordinary abilities in one or more areas
Learning disabled
condition in which an individuals basic physiological process in understanding or language use is deficient
Mental Retardation
substantial limitations in functioning, characterized by significantly subaverage intellectual functioning and related limitations in adaptive skills
Reasonable Accomodations
creating a fair and level playing field; requirements
within ADA to ensure a person with a disability has an equal chance of participation
Barrier free facility
building designed and constructed so people with mobility disabilities can move through without obstructions
Physical therapist
professionals who provide services to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disability
Occupational therapist
professionals that specialize in developing self-care, increases independent functioning and quality of life, enhance development, and prevent disability
People-first language
not labeling and remembering individuals are people first
Special education
specifically designed instruction provided to children at no cost in
the least restrictive environment
Zero exclusion principle
principle that no person with a disability can be rejected for a service, regardless of the nature, extent, or type of the disability
Related services
those services related to, but not included, in special education that will ensure that students with disabilities benefit from their education experience (special transportation, speech and language services, OT, PT, psychological services, recreation, rehabilitation, social work, medical)