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What are the four major parts of Excel?
Worksheets, Charts, Databases, Web Support
Located above row 1 and column A this box tells you what cell is active and it can be used to quickly navigate to any cell in the worksheet
Name Box
Located to the right of the name box this bar allows you to enter and edit labels and values
Formula Bar
Active commands such as "Ready" and "Edit" as well as functions such as AutoCalculate are located on this bar
Status Bar (located at the bottom of the worksheet)
How are columns identified?
Capital letters
How are rows identified?
By numbers on the left side of the worksheet
What is the basic unit of the worksheet in which you can enter text, numbers, and formulas?
Coordinates of the intersection of a row or column used to identify a cell's location
Cell Reference
What key do you press to take you back to A1 no matter which cell is active?
CTRL + Home
What keys on the keyboard will move you one cell at a time in any direction?
Arrow Keys
Where can you type a cell reference that will take you to the cell that you desire?
Name Box
What is the menu method for navigating to a specific cell reference?
1.Click "Edit" on the menu bar
2.Click "Go To" on the sub menu
3.Type the cell reference in the "Reference Box"
What are three ways to select a cell?
1. Use the mouse to click on the cell
2. Use arrow keys to select a cell
3. Use the "name box" to select a cell
If you want Excel to treat numbers in a cell as text such as zip codes, phone numbers, etc. what must you insert at the beginning of the cell entry?
An "apostrophe" (')
When entered in a cell these contain text and numerical information not used in calculations such as dates, times, and addresses.
How are labels aligned by default?
This area consists of two or more adjacent cells.
These cell entries include numbers, formulas and functions used in calculations.
How are values aligned by default in Excel?
When a cell contains both text and numbers, Excel recognizes the entry as a _________?
A "label"
A "moving border" around a cell or range of cells is called a __________?
The AutoSum button is located on which toolbar?
Standard toolbar
This button,(also located on the Standard toolbar) can be used to calculate the sum for a range of numbers
"Paste Function" button
The cell or range of cells being copied
Source Area
The cell or range of cells receiving the copy.
"Destination Area"
A cell reference that can change if the formula is copied to another cell
"Relative Reference"
The small black cross hair located in the lower right-hand corner of the active cell
"Fill Handle"
What menu and sub menu do use to activate AutoFormat?
"Format" menu
"AutoFormat" sub menu
A chart displayed as an object on the same worksheet as the data it represents
"Embedded Worksheet"
A button on the Standard toolbar to initiate the drawing of a chart or graph
Chart Wizard
A key explaining how information is represented by colors or patterns in a chart
What menu and sub menu do you use to add a password to secure your worksheet?
1. Click "Tools" on the menu bar
2. Click "Protection" on the sub menu
The AutoCalculate function is located on which toolbar?
The Status bar
What is the basic Excel document consisting of worksheets called?
Which function key or "F" key will put Excel in the Edit mode that will allow you to make changes in a cell?
What 2 steps are required to delete an embedded chart?
1. Click the chart to select it
2. Press the "DELETE" key on the keyboard
What is the keyboard shortcut to sum a range of cells?
Press [ALT]+[=] two times
What is inside of each workbook that contains 256 columns and 65536 rows.
The name for each worksheet can be found in the lower left hand corner in an area called the ____________?
Sheet tab
How many rows are there in an Excel worksheet
65,536 rows
How many columns are there in an Excel worksheet?
256 columns
How many worksheets can be included in each Excel workbook?
255 worksheets