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in a formula, type of cell addressing that automatically changes when the formula is copied or moved to reflect the new location; default type of referencing used in Excel worksheets. See also Absolute cell referencing
relative cell reference
in a formula, type of cell address that does not change when you copy the formula; indicated by a dollar sign before the column letter and/or row number. See also Relative cell reference
absolute cell reference
allows you to paste only specific elements of the copied selection, such as the formatting or values
paste options button
the placement of cell contents; for example, left, center, or right
predesigned combinations of formatting attributes that can be applied to selected cells to enhance the look of a worksheet
cell styles
identifies the column letter, such as A, B, etc.; located above each column in a worksheet
column heading
a type of cell formatting that changes, based on the cell's value or the outcome of a formula
conditional format
the typeface or design of a set of characters (letters, numerals, symbols, and punctuation marks)
the size of characters, measured in units called points (pts)
font size
the appearance of text and mumbers, including color, font, attributes, borders, and shading. See also Number format.
a unit of measure used for fonts and row height. One inch equals 72 points, or a point is equal to 1/72nd of an inch.
a format applied to values to express numeric concepts, such as currency, date, and percentage
number format