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Behavior that disqualifies members of one group from opportunities available to others is:
new racism of
cultural racism
Forbidding marriage or sex outside one's assigned group is used to maintain a ______system
Max Weber used the concept of ________ to analyze the meaning of social class
Life Changes
How far an individual moves up and down the socioeconomic scale in her lifetime is called
social mobility
Studies of social mobility for Peter Blau and Otis Dudley Duncan's in the 1960s to Pierre Bourdieu's in the 1980's have shown that
While there was a great deal of virtical mobility, or movement along the socieconomic scale, nearly all of it was between occupational positions clost to one another. Long range mobility from working class to upper class was rear
When one is poor compared to the standards of living of most people, she experiences:
lacks the basic sources needed to maintain a decent standard of housing and healthier living conditions
In Karl Marx's theory, a class is made up of people who have the same relationship to the
means of production: the means in which they gain a livilihood
Most famine and hunger ins the world today are the outcome of
a Combination of national and social forces. The combination of drought and internal warfare has wrecked food production
Rapid economic growth in East Aisa in the 1980s and 1990s was accompanied by
helped to pave the way for economic growth
United States provided a big market for clothing. Benefited from a long period of economic growth
Some, due to their cultural traditions. Shared confucian philosophy
Many asian goverments followed strong policies that favored economic growth
Sweatshops are:
low wage, low factory, a small factory that has numerous violations of wage, health and safety laws
Which theory promotes the adoption of Western capitalist economic systems and values as the road to economic development
market-oriented theories
The ______ are regions of the world that apply technology invented elsewhere in their own production and consumption systems.
Technology Adopters
In what way's could you personally help reduce the amount of exploitive and dangerous child labor in the world today?
stop purchaching items where there are made
Which gender is the dominate and aggressive one among !Kung of the Kalahari Desert?
agressive behavior isn't tolerated
______ refers to any difference in status, power, and prestige between men and women in groups, collectives, and societies
gender inequality
Which of the following has been offered as a sociological explanation for the gap between women's and men's work in the home?
Household work is exchanged for economic support
women's jobs bind them to a fixed time men's household tasks are done less regularly and more discretionary
family incorporates a strong and relatively enduring association of caring activity
men are expected to be providers women expected to tend to their families
_____is the systematic domination of females by males
____means that women and men are concentrated in different occupations
sex segregation
What agency has helped develop ties among women's movements in countries around the world?
Modern women's movement
Overall, sociologists conclude that
no society can truly hope to better the lives if of its citizens until it fosters gender equality
When people adope an identify in some contexts but not in others they are practicing
Symbolic ethnicity
Behavior that disqualifies members of one group from opportunities availabel to others
look up
Racism that is not simply the opinions of a small segment of the population, but systematically pervades all of a society's structures and operations, is known as
institutional racism
Suspicion of outsiders and a tendency to judge other cultures in terms of one's own cultural standards is called
look up
In several parts of the former Yugoslavia, certain ethnic groups were subjected to harassment, threats, and campaigns of terror in order to forcibly expel them and create ethnically homogeneous regions. This practice is known as:
ethnic cleansing
When a group takes over the attitudes and language of the dominate community they have engaged in
Global migratory paterns are a result of the combination of _______, the movement of people into a country to settle, and _____, the process by which people leave a country to settle in another
More than 99 percent of the people in the United states are decended from
look up
average life expectancy in the world today is:
Which of the following is the sociological definition of aging?
Biological: Physical body
Phychological: mind & mental capabilities
social one: cultural normes role expection