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What is a Cavaliers?
A Cavalier were known as the royalists.
Who were the commonwealth?
They were a republic.
Who were the whigs?
They claimed the right to deny the throne.
They claimed something.
Who was Thomas Hobbes?
He was an english philosopher. He lived through the cival war.
what did he live through.
What were sea dogs?
They were english sea captions. They were adventurous capitons.
What is ratinalism?
This was a belief that ther truth can be determined soley by logical thinking.
Who was Baron de Montesquieu?
He adopted the ideas of John Locke. He published The Spirit.
What was the Intolerable Acts?
This was passed in 1774.
What was the Articles of Confereration?
This was adopted in 1777. This plan of goverment was ratified by the American States.
What was the Federal Sytem of goverment?
Thiswas given many important powers.
Who were the Bourgeoisie?
This was the middle class.
What is National Assembly
Consisting of the congress, made laws.
What is Emigre?
is french for emigrants.
What did Wellington do?
He helped out the spanish and Portuguese people rise up against the French.
What is Universal manhood suffrage?
This was were delegates were elected to this convention.
Who was Robespierre?
He was on of the most famous Jacobins.
What is Plebiseite?
Where people could vote only yes or no and could not suggest any changes.
What is the Concert of Europe?
This was a form of international governance by the concert or agreement.
What is Legitimay?
This meant that all former ruling families should be restored
something should be restored
What is Liberalism?
This extended the ideas of the American and French revolution.
this extended something.
What is Factors of Production?
A favorable combination of needed factors-land, capitol, and labor.
was a favorable combination
What is Foactory System?
Was were the spinning mill was the beginging of the modern factory system.
This was the beginging of something.
Who is James watt?
He studied and improved on Newcomen's machine. and he patented the modern steam engine.
He studied and improved on Newcomen's machine.
What is the Factory Act of 1833?
This allowed the factory inspection and enforcment of child labor laws.
This enforcment of chil labor laws.
What is mass production?
The system of producing large numbers of identical items.
this produced large # of things.
What is Buisness Cycle?
The industrial Revolution brought alternating periods of prosperity and decline.
this brought alternating periods.