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phagocytic white blood cells that engulf bacteria and viruses in infected tissues
neutrophills and macrophages
white blood cells, attack viruses, infected body cells, they penetrate the plasma membrane causing them to burst
natural killer cells
proteins produced by virus infected body cells, help healthy cells resist viruses
circulate the blood
complement proteins
chemical signals that increase blood flow to the damaged area
stimulates a fever which discorages bacterial growth
branching network of vessals, lymph nodes, bone marrow, and several other organs
lymphatic system
third line of defense
immune system
protein found in blood plasma that attaches to one particular antigen and helps counter its affects
foregin substance that elicits an immune response
produces own antibodies for defense
active immunity
revieves premade antibodies
passive immunity
first exposure of lymphocytes to an antigen
primary immune response
antigen is encountered again, memory cells intitiate stronger and faster response
secondary immune system
only T cells that kill other cells, they identify infected body cells like helper T cells
cytotxic T cells
bind to other white blood cells that have previously encountered an antigen
Helper T cells
production of a lineage of genetically identical cells that recognize and attack the specific antigen
clonal selection
fight body cells infected wtih pathogens
cell mediated immunity
immunity by anti producing B-cells, fights bacteria and viruses in body fluids
humoral immunity
type of white blood cell, found mostly in lympathic system, chiefly responsible for immune system
antibodies that casue allergies
dangerous type of allergic reaction
anaphylactic shock
when immune system turns against the bodys own molecules
autoimmune disease
lack one or more components of immune system

can get infected to things that normally wouldn't happen
immuno defiency diseases
virus attacks helper T-cells, crippling both cell mediated and humoral immunity