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What are the official languages of Bolivia?
Spanish, Quecha, Aymara
What is the major mountain range in Bolivia?
The Andes
What is Carnival?
The weeklong celebration before Lent.
What is the high plain between the two mountain ranges in Bolivia called?
The antiplano
What was the capital of the Incan empire in Peru?
What is the important animal in the society of Peru?
The llama
Who invaded the Incas?
The Spanish
What is a favela?
The slums of Brasil
What are the 2 major problems in Brasil?
drug trafficking and deforestation
What are the plains of Argentina called?
The pampas
What are the cowboys of the plains of Argentina called?
What city is the Paris of South America?
Buenos Aires
Where did the tango originate?
Who is Pablo Neruda?
a poet from Chile who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971
What type of gov't is Chile?
What was the 1 country to elect a socialist?
How many regions are in Ecuador?
4 regions
what type of gov't is Ecuador?
What are the official languages of ecuador?
Spanish, Quechua
What are the islands of the coast of Ecuador that Charles Darwin did research on?
The Galapagos
What is the national dance of venezuela?
the Joropo
What type of gov't is Venezuela?
constitutional democracy
What is the main tribe of Paraguay?
the Gurani
What is the major religion of Paraguay?
At what age are you required to vote in Paraguay?
What is the famous lace (encaje) of Paraguay called?