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largest kingdom in Western Europe
King of the Franks, Conquered Gaul. Converted to Christianity
known as Charles the Great. Helped spread Christianity. Couldn’t write. Founded school in Aacnen. United Old Roman Empire. Emperor of Roman Empire from 800 –814. Charlemagne was a conqueror who united most of Europe. He helped Pope Leo III stop nobles from rebelling in 800, and the pope named him emperor. He worked with the church and tried to unite Europe as a Christian land. He sent out officials called missi dominici to check on his lands and make sure all was well. He also wanted to promote education and learning.
abbess hildegard
she wrote books and had visions and gave advice to men. Germany. Hildegard was a nun and prophet. She was a writer and a composer of music, as well as an advisor to many top political people. She wrote about medicine, corruption in the church, her visions, and science. Bold
Pope Gregory VII
Banned lay investiture. Exiled by Henry IV. Accepted Treaty of Worms.
peasants bound to the lord’s land
trainee who worked under a guild master for seven years
Muhammad was born in Mecca and had a vision at age 40 that the angel Gabriel spoke to him. He started a new religion of Islam that grew to be one of the main world religions. His revelations were recorded in the Quran.
Dynasty ended Arab dominance. Abu al-Abbas began this dynasty
Claimed descent from Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. Military genius, poet, and author.
abu bakr
1st caliph of Muhammad, which means successor
akbar the great
Chief builder of the Mughal Empire. Reigned from 1556 to 1857. Created a strong central government, won the support of Hindu subjects through toleration, opened government jobs to Hindus of all castes. Ended tax on non-Muslims. Married Hindu princess
genghis khan
led the Mongols out of Central Asia across Persia and Mesopotamia. Ruler of Mongols - 1162 – 1227. Genghis Khan was elected ruler of the Mongols at age 45. He had absolute power. He had well-trained, fierce armies who were great warriors. His empire was the largest in the world
Under him the Ottoman Empire had its Golden Age. Ruled from 1520 to 1566. Known as Law Giver. Extended Ottoman rule into Mesopotamia and advanced deeper into Europe. Under him, the Ottomans ruled the largest most powerful empire in Europe and the Middle East for centuries
joan of ark
a woman who believed that God sent her to save France. She convinced Charles VIII to let her lead his army, and she led the troops to victories for about a year. The English burned her at the stake as a witch, but the French only honored her more. The church eventually made her a saint. 17 years old and a peasant.