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1/52Water quality
Is the measurement of the substances is water besides water molecules
Is the measure if how acidic or basic water is on a scale of 0-14
The level of calcium and magnesium
Is the amount of one substance in another substance
is the process of passing water through a series of screens
Sticky globs
8/52 coagulation
When alum is added to form sticky globs so mud and bacteria and other particles stick to it
7/first filtration
Water is filtered through a series of screens to remove fish twigs and leaves and trash
9/second filtration
The water trickles down through sand or gravel, which filters out algae, bacteria and some chemicals
Chlorine is added to kill the remaining organisms
Forcing air through the water releasing gases reducing unpleasant odors or smells
12/Additional treatment
Sodium or chlorine may be added to soften hard water
Water distribution
Once the water has been treated it goes to the central pumping station and from there it is pumped through out the city
Primary treatment (waste water)
Water is held in settling tanks and small particles form on the ground called sludge
Septic Tank
, an underground tank containing bacteria as it passes through. Sludge settles at the bottom so it has to be cleaned regularly
Secondary treatment
Waste water is filtered through a bed of gravel. The gravel is covered with lots of bacteria which breaks down the left over wastes in the sewage.
Additional treatment
water may be pumped into open pools where sunlight purifies is naturally
leach field
the area surrounding the septic tank
places that normally get rainfall suddenly don’t get a lot.
using a resource wisely
where do people use water
at home, agriculture industries, transportation, recreation
process of obtaining fresh water from salt water
water pollution
something that has negative effect on water or living things that depend on it
major sources of water pollution
human wastes, industrial wastes, agricultural wastes and runoff from roads
point source
a specific pollutant that can be defined
nonpiont source
a widely spread of pollution that cant be tied to a specific point of origin
acid rain
rain that is made by evaporation of watse gases that connect with water molicues a percipitate
when ponds and lakes natually chage oveer time
chemicals inteded to kill animals
are supposed to make plants grow larger
kinetic energy
moving energy or energy that is being used
potencial energy
energy that is stored and waiting to be used
hydroelectric power
electricy that is formed by keentic enrgy through the movement over a waterfall or a dam
the stages of a dam
1 stage water is stored behind the dam is under pressure from gravity(potencial energy 2 the flood gate opens ad the water spills through; kenetic energy turns the tubin. 3 the turbin is connected to a genolrator wich makes electricity
what is SCUBA
self-contained under water breathing apparatus
why is is hard to study the ocean floor
darkness, cold pressure
sound navigation ranging system
remote under water manipulater
size of a small car, which is controlled by a computer on the surface
viechels whith thick metals that can hold extreme presure
get data such as temp, algea growth and movemnt of lage schools of fish
gravity mapping
satilits map the ocean floor by the slight changes in gravity wich has accurate measures with in a dew aentimeters
phisical factors that determine where organisms from ocean live
salinity, tempurature,light, dissolved gasses, nutrients and wave action
are tiny algea and animals that float in the water nad are carriend by waves and currents
are free swimming animals that can move throughout the water colum
organisms that inhabit the ocean floor
interlidal zone
streches from the hgihest tide line on land out to the continetal shelf exposed by the lowest tide
are coastal inlets or bays where fresh water mixes with salt ware
partly fresh and partly salty
farming of water organisms
the metals cocentrated on a piece of shell