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What property of the Page class can be used to set the maximum length (in bytes) for a page's state field?
How must a web page be submitted in order for hidden-field values to be available during page processing?
A page must be submitted using HTTP POST, in order for hidden-field values to be available during page processing.
How must a web page be submitted in order for query string values to be available during page processing?
A page must be submitted using HTTP GET, in order for query string values to be available during page processing.
What are some characteristics of Client-Side State Management?
1. Eliminates need for server resources (fast server performance).
2. Minimal security.
3. Limits on amount of data that can be stored.
What are some characteristics of Server-Side State Management?
1. Uses more server resources.
2. Higher level of security
3. Can accomodate larger amounts of data.
What is the ideal type of data to store in Application State?
Small amounts of data that needs to be shared by multiple sessions and is not changed often.
What is the ideal type of data to store in Session State?
The ideal data to store in session-state variables is short-lived, sensitive, and small amounts of data that is specific to an individual session.
What are some differences between Session State and Profile Properties?
1. Information stored in Profile properties does not expire.

2. Profile properties can be slower than Session State because information is persisted in a data store, opposed to being stored in memory.
What happens when a cookie is sent to a browser without an expiration date?
The cookie will be created, but not stored on the user's hard drive and will be discarded when the user closes the browser.
Explain the two types of cookie collections in ASP.NET.
1. HttpRequest.Cookies - Cookies transmitted by the client to the server.

2. HttpResponse.Cookies - Cookies created on the server and transmitted to the client.
What property of HttpCookie can be used to determine whether a single cookie is storing multiple values?
What is the default scope for cookies?
By default, all cookies for a site are stored together on the client, and all cookies are sent to the server with any request to that site.
What are two ways of scoping cookies for a particular website?
1. Folder scope - use HttpCookie.Path

2. Domain and SubDomain scope - use HttpCookie.Domain
What cookie information is not sent when a browser sends a cookie to a server?
The expiration date and time
How can a Cookie be deleted from a user's computer?
Overwrite the cookie, using a new cookie with the same name and set the expiration date to a date earlier than the current date. The Cookie will later be deleted by the browser.
What property can be used to determine if a user's browser supports cookies?

Note: This does not indicate whether or not cookies are actually enabled on a browser.
How must MAC encoding be configured in a web farm environment?
In a Web-farm environment, the MAC key must be the same across all of the servers. Therefore, you should specify a key in the Machine.config file instead of allowing ASP.NET to auto-generate one.
What does ASP.NET use to hash view state data?
A MAC key (machine authentication code)
What are the two ways a MAC key can be specified?
1. Auto-generated using MAC address

2. Can be stored in machine.config
What are two ways to prevent people from viewing transmitted view state data?
1. Transmit a page over SSL
2. Encrypt the view state data
What Page property can be used to encrypt view state data?
What Page method can be used to register a control that requires view state encryption?
What functionality must an object support in order to be saved in view state?
What class can be used to customize view state persistance?
What Page method must a control execute to use control state?
What two methods must a control override in order to use control state?
1. Control.SaveControlState
2. Control.LoadControlState
What property exposes a unique identifier for a session?
What are two methods for storing session id's on a client?
1. Cookie
2. URL
What two session events can be used to help manage sessions?
1. Session_OnStart
2. Session_OnEnd
What property of the @Page directive can be used to configure session state mode for a particular web page?
What configuration element can be used to configure session state for an application?
What is the only session mode that supports the event Session_OnEnd?
How are session variables stored and mananged when the session state mode is set to StateServer?
Session state is stored in a seperate process called the ASP.NET state service. This ensures that session state is preserved if the Web application is restarted and also makes session state available to multiple Web servers in a Web farm.
What web application environments do not support the use of Application state?
1. Web Farms
2. Web Gardens