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What object represents capabilities of a browser?
How can an instance of HttpBrowserCapabilities be queried?
HttpRequest.Browser property
How is a target page invoked using cross page posting?
In cross-page posting, the target page is invoked using an HTTP POST command, which sends the values of controls on the source page to the target page.
What condition must be true for a target page to access public properties of a source page, when using cross page posting?
Both the target and the source page must be in the same web application.
What Page property can be used by a target page to access properties of a source page, when using cross page posting?
What directive can be used in a target page in order to get strongly typed access to the source page, via the PreviousPage property?
@ PreviousPageType
What property can be used to determine whether a target page is running as a result of a cross page posting?
What property can be used to set the default focus of a form when a page is loaded?
What are two ways to set focus to an individual control?
1. Call the control's Focus method
2. Call Page.SetFocus
How can an HTML control be converted to an HTML element?
Remove the attribute runat="server"
What property can be used to programmatically access the header of a web page?
What method must be called to register begin and end event handlers, when using asynchronous page processing?
What attribute of the @Page directive makes the page an asynchronous handler?
What attribute of the @Page directive defines the time-out interval (in seconds) used when processing asynchronous tasks?
AsyncTimeOut (The default is 45 seconds)
When editing a configuration file, what is the only change that requires an IIS reset?
Modifying the processModel element