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What is globalization?
Globalization is the process of designing and developing applications that function for multiple cultures.
What is localization?
Localization is the process of customizing your application for a given culture and locale.
What reserved folder in an ASP.NET application stores global resources?
App_GlobalResources, which must be located at the root of the application.
What reserved folder in an ASP.NET application stores local resources?
App_LocalResources, which can be located in any folder of the application.
How are local resource files associated with specific web pages?
The prefix of the resource file's name must match the name of the web page it is to be associated with, e.g. Default.aspx.resx or
What are the two types of localization that set control properties using resources?
1. Implicit localization
2. Explicit localization
What type of localization works with local resources?
Implicit localization
How is a resource key specified in HTML for a control contained in a page that uses implicit localization?
Using meta:resourcekey.
What type of localization uses resource expressions?
Explicit localization
What is the general form of a resource expression?
<%$ Resources:Class, ResourceID %>
When must the Class value of a resource expression be used?
When using a resource from a global resource file.
What control can be used to create localized static text?
Localize control
What 2 methods can be used to programmatically retrieve local resource strings?
1. HttpContext.GetLocalResourceObject
2. TemplateControl.GetLocalResourceObject
What 2 methods can be used to programmatically retrieve global resource strings?
1. HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject
2. TemplateControl.GetGlobalResourceObject
Explain the difference between the Page.Culture and Page.UICulture properties.
Page.Culture determines the results of culture-dependent functions, such as the date, number, and currency formatting, and so on. Page.UICulture determines which resources are loaded for the page.
What configuration element can be used to set the UI culture and culture for a website?
What HTML attribute can be used to control the reading order of text?
dir (direction)
What is accessibility programming?
The process of designing and developing specialized applications that work with a computer's operating system to accommodate specific impairments, such as a limited range of motion or blindness.
When using a screen reader, what property, provided by some web server controls, can be used to skip over a list of repetitive links?
What value can be used to set UICulture and Culture based on browser preferences?