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What is the base class associated with all ASP.NET files that have an .ascx file extension?
What directive is required for a page to recognize a user control being used declaratively?
@ Register
What directive is required for a page to recognize a user control being used imperatively?
@ Reference
How can a user control expose a template to be used declaratively?
By implementing a property that returns ITemplate.
What attribute must be applied to a user control's template property in order to associate the template to its naming container?
What interface must a template naming container implement?
What is the base class for controls that render visible UI elements on a page?
What is the base class for controls that render elements that are not visible on a page?
What method is called by the framework to render the contents of a custom control between the begin and end tags?
What attribute specifies the default tag generated for a custom control when it is dragged from a toolbox in Microsoft Visual Studio?
What are two ways to associate a bitmap with a control when the control is displayed in the toolbox?
1. Name the bitmap exactly the same as namespace-qualified name of the control.

2. Use ToolboxBitmapAttribute to specify the name of the bitmap.

Note: In both scenario's the bitmap must be an embedded resource in the same assembly as the control.
What assembly level attribute can be used to suggest a default tag prefix that a visual designer should use for your control?
What configuration element can be used to add a tag prefix/ namespace mapping for a control, as an alternative to using @ Register?
What property is used to determine the HtmlTextWriterTag value that is associated with a custom Web server control?
What property is used to determine the name, in string form, of the control tag associated with a custom Web server control?
What method can be overridden to implement logic to add styles and other attributes to the element rendered by a custom Web control?
What attibute is used to specify the class used to implement design-time services for a component?
What attribute controls the parsing of content nested inside a server control tag declared on a page?
What abstact class implements the basic functionality required by Web controls that contain child controls?
What method can be used to delete the view-state information for all of a server control's child controls?
What class represents the base class for a tabular data-bound control that is composed of other server controls?
What method must be overridden when deriving from CompositeDataBoundControl in order to create the control hierarchy?
What protected Control property is used to indicate whether child controls have been created?
What attribute can be used to enable theming for a custom control property?
What class can be used to support custom web control styles?
What interface must be implemented for custom styles, in order to persist custom attributes?
What method can be used to copy style elements to a web control?
What method is used to process postback data for an ASP.NET server control?
What three operations are recommended to be performed when overridding Control.CreateChildControls?
1. Clear the controls collection
2. Build the control's tree
3. Clear the view state of child controls
What method provided in BaseDataBoundControl can be used in a derived class to retrieve data from a data source?
What method provided in BaseDataBoundControl can be used in a derived class to validate a bound data source?
What attribute is used to specify the default property for a component?
What method loads a Control object from a file based on a specified virtual path?
What method causes databinding syntax in a template (e.g. a Container expression) to be resolved?
What events should be provided for templated databound controls?
1. ItemCreated
2. ItemDataBound
3. ItemCommand (Only when buttons may be used in template)
When using event bubbling in controls, how is the bubbling stopped?
A class that stops the bubbling must implement OnBubbleEvent() and return true from the method.
What attribute specifies how an ASP.NET server control property or event is persisted to an ASP.NET page?
What attribute specifies, at design time, how nested content of a server control is interpreted?
What designer property can be used to retrieve the control a designer is designing?