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How can new application domains be created?
You create a new application domain using one of the overloaded CreateDomain methods in the System.AppDomain class.
What is the AppDomainSetupClass used for?
To provide the common language runtime with configuration information for a new application domain. An instance of this object is passed to one of the overloaded CreateDomain methods.
What is the AppDomain class used for?
Represents an isolated environment where applications execute.
What information does the property AppDomainSetup.ApplicationBase provide?
The AppDomainSetup.ApplicationBase property defines the root directory of the application. When the runtime needs to satisfy a type request, it probes for the assembly containing the type in the directory specified by the ApplicationBase property.
What two methods in System.AppDomain can be used to load assemblies into application domains?
1. AppDomain.Load
2. AppDomain.CreateInstance
What two methods in System.Reflection.Assembly can be used to load an assembly into an application domain?
1. Load
2. LoadFrom
What method is used to unload an application domain?
What type of exception is thrown when a call to System.AppDomain.Unload fails?
What type of exception is thrown when an attempt to access an unloaded application domain occurs?
What is a default domain?
The default domain is an application domain that is created automatically by the CLR every time it is initialized in a process. The default domain is not unloaded until the process shuts down.
What property is used to retrieve configuration information about an an application domain?
System.AppDomain.SetupInformation (returns an instance of AppDomainSetup)