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You perform a clean install of XP Pro on a 2nd hard disk and assign it the letter E. What should you do to make the E: drive the boot partition.
Select Advanced Options from the Install Options dialog box in Setup.
To copy the testad folder to the <systemroot> folder during the upgrade process. What should you do to access the testad folder for future use.
At a command prompt, run the Winnt32.exe command with the /copydir:testad switch.
What should you do to apply a just released service pack to a RIPrep image before deploying XP Pro to new client computers.
Slipstream the service pack files into the RIPrep image.
You want to deploy Windows XP Professional and the propriety applications using the least amount of administrative effort? What should you do?
On a reference computer,install XP and the applications. Then run RIPrep.exe from the command prompt. Then use (RIS) to install the RIPrep image.
You want to use (RIS) to deploy XP to client computers. Custom settings and personal data of the users must be preserved.
What should you do?
You should copy the user state data by using the Scanstate.exe and run the Loadstate.exe to apply the settings to the client computers.
You need to ensure that XP can be deployed on a PXE-enabled client computer. What should you do?
In the system BIOS of the PXE-enabled client computer, specify the NIC as the first boot device.
You want to deploy XP and propriety applications to 200 new computers using the least amount of administrative effort? What should you do?
Install XP and the applications and configure the settings. Then run RIPrep.exe from the command prompt. Then use (RIS) to install the RIPrep image.
A local Administrator attempts to run sysprep.exe at the command prompt,sysprep.exe does not execute. What is the most probable cause of thisproblem?
The sysprep files are not in the systemdrive\sysprep directory.
The written usage policy states that no user may use Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. What should you do?
Create a local computer policy that removes Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel.
Before you can upgrade a computer with a legacy ticket scanning device to XP how do you ensure it's compatible with XP Professional.
Install a new hard disk on the computer and install XP on the new hard disk. Allow XP P to detect the attached ticket scanning device.
After an upgrade you need to ensure that three applications start automatically. What should you do?
Restore the startup programs in the System Configuration utility.
After an upgrade you need to return to windows 98. What should you do?
Go into the Control Panel and open Add or Remove Programs and select Uninstall Windows XP Professional.
To transfer data and custom settings to a new client computer. You should do what?
You should use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.
Microsoft has just released a new service pack that addresses security concerns.How do you install the service pack?
Run Windows Update from the Startup menu.
A month after an upgrade workers cannot logon to thier client computers. What should you do?
Activate Windows XP Professional with Microsoft Clearing House on all client computers.
What should you do to transfer data and custom settings?
You should use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.
Microsoft has just released a new service pack that addresses security concerns.What should you do to install a service pack?
Run Windows Update from the Startup menu.
A month after an upgrade workers complains that they cannot logon to thier computers. What should you do?
Activate Windows XP Professional with Microsoft Clearing House on all client computers in the Research department.
After a installation reboot you receive a "STOP INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" error message. You need to ensure a proper start. What should you do?
Use the Recovery Console and run the Fixboot and Fixmbr commands.
You need to download the most current drivers for the computers with the least amount of administrative effort. What should you do?
Connect the computers to the Internet and run Windows Update.
A domain controller and a DNS server are online. You install XP on a computer at the 2nd attempt you are unable to join the domain. (TCP/IP is correct). What should you do?
Delete the client computer account from the domain controller.
After installation was complete the new client computers were joined to the domain and not the workgroup.What should you do to connect to the workgroup?
Manually remove the new client computers from the domain and connect them to the workgroup.
File encryption is enabled on user folders. A worker complains that she cannot compress the files and folders in her folder. What should you do?
Inform her that she cannot compress encrypted files and folders
Policy requires users to back up data to a removable ntfs disk. Users are unable to eject the disks unless they shutdown their computers. What should you do?
Configure a Group Policy object (GPO) to allow interactive users to remove or eject removable NTFS media and link the GPO to the domain.
You have an internal fax modem. After installing a 2nd NIC and rebooting. You can't send a fax. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
When you installed the additional NIC the Fax service became disabled.
Remote users need access to files on a client. You need to ensure that they can access and modify the files securely. What should you do?
Create permissions for shared access for any users coming in and initiate Change permissions.
You attempt to share file x by right clicking the file. You discover that the sharing option is grayed out. What should you do?
Share the folder that contains the file x.
You need to grant User2 the appropriate permissions to access User1's files. What should you do?
Take ownership of User1's folder and assign User2 the Allow - Modify permissions to the folder.
To ensure that User3 can update the files on a removable disk but not be allowed to change other users permissions on the disk. What should you do?
Take ownership of the files on the removable disk and assign User3 the Allow - Modify permissions to the folder.
The Finance department, wants to add a confidential file to the Web site. Only the managers must be able to view the file.
What should you do?
Assign the Allow - Read NTFS permissions to the file and ensure that no other user is granted permission to the file.
You need to ensure that User4's print jobs are completed as soon as possible while allowing other members to continue using the printer. What should you do?
Create a printer with a priority of 2 for User4 and a printer with a priority of 1 for all other Accounts department users.
You want to move the printer spool file for the printer to a new hard disk.
What should you do?
Reconfigure the properties of the print server in Printer and Faxes.
Printouts for network users come out garbled after a driver update. You need to ensure that all network users can print. What should you do?
Delete the printer from client computers and then reconnect to the printer.
To configure a laptop to be able to connect to the Laser Jet printer from a remote locations.What should you do?
Use the web browser on the laptop to connect to the Printers virtual directory on the server and then connect to the Laser Jet printer.
You need to ensure that clients are able to connect to your internal fax modem to send a response. What should you do?
By default, the fax modem is configured only to send faxes. You need to Enable the fax modem to receive faxes.
Each time a print job completes, a pop-up message appears. You need to stop the pop-up message from appearing.
Disable print notification on the pc.
You discover that your pc does not respond to incoming fax calls. You need to resolve this problem as soon as possible.
Configure the fax modem on your pc to receive faxes automatically
A user typed convert c:/fs:ntfs at a command prompt to convert a fat32 disk after reboot. You need to stop the conversion when the computer reboots.
Edit the registry to stop the conversion.
The option to make a shared folder available offline is not available when you right-click the folder You need to make the files available offline.
Select the Enable Offline Files option on the Folder Options page.
A laptop user must be able to open files in a shared folder while offline, and make changes to those files at all times.
Enable offline files on the portable computer and enable file caching on the shared folder.
How can you ensure that offline files remain available when Users with laptops loose connectivity to the server.
Enable the Notify me and begin working offline option on each portable computer.
User6 informs you that she is unable to mount the new disk drive to the empty C:\4 folder. You need to ensure that User6 can mount the new hard disk.
Add User6 to the local Administrators group. The user mounting the volume must be a member of the local administrators group.
After you upgrade to XP pro you'er unable to view video footage from your DVD player.
Install the latest version of the hardware or software decoder.Ensure that the DVD drive is on the XP Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).
Your XP Pro laptop has a 10GB hd, a 1ghz cpu, and 256MB of RAM. After dowloading several large files you're unable to hibernate.
Ensure that there is at least 256MB of hard drive space available. The free space on the hard drive must be equal to or greater than the amount of RAM.
Your computer has two hard drives. You install XP Pro on one disk. To make provision for fault tolerance you want to create a mirrored volume.
Do nothing. Windows XP does not support mirrored volumes.
You're responsible for managing the optical disks. You need to show some history on an application that is failing to the operate.
Right click on My Computer icon; navigate to the Work Queue to view the work queue. The Work queue has info as to the history of the application.
You want the scheduled backups made on Tuesday to use one tape and the scheduled backups made on Thursday to use another tape.
Run a manual backup on both days and assign a name to each tape. Then scheduled backups for each day specifing which tape to be used.
You install a 2nd video adapter to use the multiple monitor capability of XP Pro, but you're unable to extend the desktop onto a second monitor.
Disable VGA support for the second adapter and list it in Device Manager.
You need to ensure that users can observe a laptop's output on an external monitor while you work on the coding for the web-enabled application.
Enable DualView for the external monitor.
You install new drivers for a video card. After reboot, the display is black and has no log on dialog box. How can you remove the divers.
During restart Press F8 to enter the boot menu and select "Last Known Good Configuration" from the boot menu.
Your video card is using a low resolution and you can't change the settings. You install a new driver and reboot. Now you need to change the desktop colors.
Open the Display Properties page and configure the desired screen resolution and number of colors on the Settings tab.
After installing a new video card and drivers you need to change the screen resolution settings.
Right-click the desktop and select Properties. Then click the Settings tab and configure the desired screen resolution and number of colors.
You upgrade a 98 computer to XP Pro, but can't view the background pictures and the GUI that XP Pro offer. Your video settings can't be changed.
Install the correct driver for the video card.
You log on as the local admin to enable hibernation, but the option is not available. Your laptop has an 8 GB hard disk, a 1GHz cpu and 512MB of RAM.
Free up 512 MB of disk space on the system partition and enable hibernation in Power Options in Control Panel.
You update your BIOS. However,when you attempt to restart, the boot process stops prematurely and the computer stops responding.
Rerun the Windows XP Professional Setup utility
You're no longer able to send and receive faxes. In the fax console. However, the options for sending and receiving faxes are not available.
Configure the fax modem using the Fax Configuration Wizard to send and receive faxes.
You need to configure a IrDA laptop to enable User8 to read files in a shared folder on his IrDA laptop.
Map a network drive between you and User8 on both laptops using the New Connection Wizard in Network Connections.
You use three types of digital cameras that support the TWAIN standard to capture images.
How many TWAIN drivers should you install
You should install three different drivers, one for each of the different types of cameras in use.
You need to enable logging of Point-to-Point Protocol on your computer to diagnos a connection fails.
Enable logging through the NetShell utility (netsh.exe)
PPP logging is disabled by default.
Uno1 dials in to a Routing and Remote Access server. You need to ensure that Uno1 will maintains a connection to the network.
You need to change the flow control to Xon/Xoff to allow the modem to stop receiving data when the buffer is full instead of dropping the line.
You need to ensure that a fax modem can be used for incoming dial-up networking connections while permitting incoming and outgoing fax transmissions.
Configure the fax modem to support adaptive answer.
User9 needs to install a IrDA transceiver and configure a infrared printer on a PDA. He attachs the IrDA transceiver. What should you do next?
Use the Add Hardware wizard to install the IrDA transceiver and then configure the infrared printer using the Wireless Link applet in Control Panel.
User9 has a portable infrared printer, but complains that he does not have sufficient permissions to install the device.
Add User9 to the local Administrators group. You must be a member of the local administrators group to run the Add Printer wizard.
You discover that the RAID controller was switched off. However, when you switch on the RAID controller, it still does not appear in Device Manager.
In Device Manager scan for hardware changes. When you switch off the device, the operating system will uninstall the device automatically.
All the visiting clients are wireless. You have a RADIUS server as the authentication server. What should you use as authentication method?
Extensible Authentication Protocol - Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS) EAP-TLS is used to support secure access for wireless clients
Wireless users report that they are unable to connect to resources through the VPN while the wired users do not experience any problems.
You need a network bridge to allow both network segments to be connected since they
are two different types of network technologies
Where will you find the appropriate location to set up authentication on client computers that have Service Pack 1 installed?
The Properties dialog box
Your trainee wants to know which devices can be plugged into a bus-powered USB hub.
How will you respond?
A keyboard and a mouse, because they draw up to 100(mA) of power to work and a bus-powered USB hub supports up to 100 mA of power per port.
Your trainee wants to know which devices can be plugged into the self-powered USB hub, but not into a bus-powered USB hub.
How will you respond?
A printer and disk drive, because they draw up to 500(mA) of power to work and a self-powered USB hub, using AC can supports 500 mA per port.
An XP Pro computer has a infrared transceiver. You install a app to download images from a camera. However, you're unable to download images.
Disable Infrared image transfer (IrTran-P). XP Pro will use IrTran-P to receive images from a digital camera by default.
You download a .msi driver file to update your tape drive. You want to be able to roll back the device driver if problems occur.
What should you do next?
Use the Windows Installer service to update the device driver for the tape drive.
User11 needs to install unsigned drivers for a multimedia device, but the option to ignore file signature verification is disabled.
Log on as the local Administrator and enable the driver signing option to ignore file signature verification.
A client computer has two processors installed. The computer is only using one. You want to configure the computer to use the second processor .
Configure the computer using the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard.
When critical applications are running, the CPU usage is at 90%. You also notice that the Paging activity is extremely high. What should you do?
Add more RAM
Adding more RAM
will decrease the paging activity.
You notice that the Memory\Pages/sec has increased and the Server\Bytes Total/sec is below the baseline.
If the Memory\Pages/sec has increased and the Server\Bytes Total/sec is decreasing indicates that there is a lack of memory.
When a 16-bit 3rd-party app is running you noticed that one of the dual-processors seems overloaded and the remaining dual-processor is idling.
On the client computers, run the 16-bit third-party applications in their own memory space.
When a dual cpu runs a 32-bit third-party app CPU1 spends 90% of its time processing. CPU2 spend only 20% of its time processing
On the computers, configure the 32-bit third-party application to quit using CPU affinity.
You notice that the 16-bit 3rd party app runs slowly and the 32-bit 3rd party app runs normal. What would you do to improve the performance?
On the client computer, configure the 16-bit third-party application to run in a separate memory space.
When the system is monitored, Physical Disk: % Disk Time; and Physical Disk: Current Disk Queue Length values of the counters are very high.
Run the Disk Defragmenter
When you run 2 or 3 in-house applications, your computer performs slowly. To improve performance,you need to know more about the applications.
Use Task Manager to gain information about CPU usage.
After the deployment of a CAD app, the other applications run very slowly. You need to access the CAD application, and still perform other tasks.
Reduce the priority of the CAD application. You can manage process priority through the Task Manager utility or through the start command-line utility.
Laptop synchronization is set for weekdays between 9 and 10. Synchronization should not initiate while they are running on battery power.
Use the Synchronization Manager utility on the laptops.
You have been instructed to schedule a few tasks only one time. You want the tasks to be deleted when you finished running the tasks.
Modify the configuration settings of each task. XP Pro includes a Task Scheduler that allows you to schedule tasks at specified intervals.
To configure a laptop to conserve the battery while in a meeting but not affect the power options of the laptop when in use at the office.
On the laptop, create an additional hardware profile.
You create a new hardware profile. After reboot you want to indicate which components should be disabled for the new hardware profile.
Use Device Manager to disable the hardware devices for the hardware profile. Use Services to disable the services for the hardware profile.
User12's computer contains critical data. User12 upgrades to XP Pro. After the upgrade, he connects a backup device, but cannot access the critical data.
Right click My Computer and select manage and choose the Removable Storage and grant User12 the appropriate permissions.
Your disaster recovery plan must be able to restore the client computers to the domain and keep their computer accounts and system settings.
Backup the System State Data of each client computer. The System State Data contains the system boot files.
You have to develop a backup schedule of user data for the domain. The manager does not want to lose more than a days work, incase of a disaster.
Initiate a normal backup every week and a differential backup every day.
You remove a new disruptive app, but the computer still runs slow. You need to return the computer to its normal state without loosing data.
Restore yesterday's system checkpoint. System Restore enables you to restore a Windows XP Professional computer to a system checkpoint.
Your computer freezes after logon. You suspect that a new driver is causing the problem. You need to be able to use the computer as soon as possible.
Boot into Safe Mode and disable the device. In Safe Mode you can disable the driver.
After you install a device, the reboot gives an error message and stops responding. The error does not allow you to use any other startup mode
Use the Recovery Console to disable the faulty drivers. The Recovery Console allows you limited access to Windows XP Professional disk subsystem.
You have to redirect all employee "My Documents" folders to the UserDocs network share and to make these folders available offline.
Configure "My Documents" folder redirection in a GPO linked to an organizational unit (OU) and configure the GPO to enable offline files.
You create a mandatory user profile on server7 to apply to all users. You now want to deploy this user profile to all client computers.
Rename the Ntuser.dat file in the profile as Renaming the Ntuser.dat file in the profile as makes the profile mandatory.
You create a new profile and modify all user accounts to point to that file, but the users are still using their local profiles to log on.
Share the folder where the profile is stored. The most likely reason users can't download the profile is they can't access the folder.
User13 needs to create his own shortcuts on the Start menu, and these shortcuts shouldn't be used by other users. You need to keep the other user's shortcuts.
Ensure that these users do not have the Write permission for the Documents and Settings\All Users folder.
You have to enable the visual accessibility features for User13 while making sure that the standard interface is available for all other users.
Make use of the Accessibility Wizard to set the idle timeout value to five minutes and then checking the Automatic reset box.
You need to be able to distinguish between interface colors and fonts more easily. and display fonts and colors designed for easy reading.
You should enable the Use High Contrast Display setting in Accessibility Options.
You to change the refresh rate of the display.
Log on with admin privileges and, click the Advanced button in the Settings tab of the Display Properties box, select the Monitor tab.
You create a folder that can be accessed via the following path: \\server3-ws008\profiles\sales. What should you set the profile path to?
because the user profile path should only map directly to a folder
You configure an XP Pro computer with the High Contrast option. How can you prevent your new settings from changing back?
1. Clear the "Use keyboard Shortcut" checkbox
2.Clear the "Automatic Reset" checkbox
What must you do to configure a computer so that typing errors due to repeated keystrokes are minimized.
Make use of the FilterKeys setting on the keyboard settings tab of the Accessibility Options dialog box.
What file must you update to have the Client Installation Wizard present a list of the available languages?
You should include the list of languages in the Welcome.osc files. Files with the .osc extension are Operating System Chooser files.
To configure the Regional and Language Options so you can easily switch betwee languages, and create documents in the selected language immediately.
Configure the Language bar to show additional Language bar icons in the Language Options.
To use words with diacritical marks from foreign languages in documents. You have accessed the Regional and Language Options.
What step should you take NEXT?
Add support for the U.S. International keyboard.
Each departments requires a different customization of a application. What should you do?
You should create one .msi file for all departments, and create a separate .mst file for every department.
You need to ensure a deleted app file reinstalls the next time the app is executed. What XP component provides this support?
Windows Installer service
The Windows Installer service is a client-based service that is responsible for reinstalling files needed for an application.
You run ipconfig and determine that your IP address is changed to with a subnet mask
A DHCP server is not available.
When a DHCP server is not available, the computer selects an IP address from the network identifier
You need to ensure that if the file server fails in the future, users will be able to access their files once the server is brought back online.
You should configure the server with a static IP address.
You need to set your computer as a VPN server to ensure that all communication between the computers is secure.
What should you do FIRST?
You must use the New Connection Wizard to create an incoming connection on the desktop computer.
What setting is disabled by default when the user attempts to connect to the Internet using dial-up networking?
Client for Microsoft Networks
You create a dial-up connection and must configure the strongest encryption and authentication through smart card.
1.Select "Maximum strength encryption (disconnect if server declines)". 2.enable "Use Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)".
Using Internet Explorer from your XP Pro laptop, you need to open and view TestDesk.doc, which is located in Company_Policies.
Type file:/server -SR01/ Company_Policies/HelpDesk.doc in the Address bar in Internet Explorer.
You're unable to connect to a Web site that you connected to a few days ago. You need to flush the name cache on your computer.
Run the ipconfig /flushdns command
You set the default Web site for secure access using (SSL). Users complain they're unable to access the Web site from the Internet.
Open Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 443 on the firewall
You create a Web site on a 2k Server that also runs (IIS). You use your laptop to access MySite by using Internet Explorer, you are unable to.
You should add a record for MySite to the local Hosts file on your computer.
User16 disconnects from the ISP after sending you a Remote Assistance invitation. You accept the invitation, but you are unable to connect to User16.
Instruct User16 to resubmit the invitation and to stay online.
You discover that even though all the Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP Professional machines reside in the same domain, Remote Assistance will not work.
You must attach a Remote Assistance Request to a file and the file extension for the request has to be .msrincident.
You want to secure User17's Web server so that clients are only allowed to connect to the Web server via her laptop's Ethernet card.
Allow the Web server to only listen for a internal IP address used when User17 is connected to the corporate network, and also disable socket spooling.
What port or ports have to be open on a firewall to ensure that you can support users with the Remote Assistance feature of XP.
TCP port 3389.
User18 frequently contacts you to ask the same questions when he is visiting clients. You need to ensure that User18 questions are answered asap.
Send User18 a file that contains the answers to his most frequently asked questions during Remote Assistance sessions.
Using Remote Assistance you can view User19's desktop, but you are unable to take control. You need to ensure that you are able to take control of.
You should tell User19 to enable "Allow this computer to be controlled remotely" on the Remote tab of System Properties in Control Panel.
User20 leaves his computer running while he is not at the office. You want ensure that unauthorized users are not able to access it over the Internet.
Enable Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) and open TCP port 3389.
User21 informs you that ICF has been enabled with the default settings. You need to successfully ping User21's computer.
Instruct User21 to enable "Allow incoming echo request" on the ICMP tab in Advanced Settings of her Internet connection's Properties.
You need to make sure that User22 has the ability to enable ICF for the new dial-up connection he wants to create.
You should disable the local "Prohibit use of Internet Connection Firewall on your DNS domain network" policy on his laptop.
You must prevent all Windows XP Professional computer users from using EFS.
How will you accomplish this task?
On each Windows XP Professional computer, disable EFS.
User23 wants only himself to have access to his confidential files on the file server. Which method should you use to configure security?
Use Encrypting File System (EFS).
You must secure offline copies of files on laptops. You also want to ensure that the files are secured even if a portable computer is stolen.
Configure local policy on all Windows XP Professional portable computers to encrypt the Offline Files cache.
You must ensure that both new and existing files in the Product Files folder are automatically encrypted.
Encrypt the Product Files folder.
1.C is FAT32 with 1GB of free space. 2.D is NTFS with 250MB of free space. You have to ensure that a 180MB folder and its files are secured.
Copy the folder to Partition D.
Encrypt the contents of the folder.
You plan to use the Sysprep utility to deploy XP Pro and all software on your computers. All data for users on the new computers must be encrypted.
Use the Sysprep utility to deploy the software on the new XP Pro computers. Inform each new user at the Miami branch office to encrypt the files.
You must compress the HR folder on server7. You must not affect the users' ability to access encrypted files and to create new encrypted files.
First inform all Human Resources users to decrypt their subfolders and its content. Compress the Human Resources folder.
You must ensure that no user can access another user's confidential data. You must also secure the data as it is being transmitted over the network.
Create a new Web share.
Create a subfolder for each user and inform each user to encrypt his/her subfolder.
You must prevent all users from logging on to ws14 . You want to use the minimal amount of administrative effort to accomplish your task.
On ws14, configure the Log On Locally security policy.
Disable the Deny Log On Locally security policy on ws14 .
You want to identify who the individual is that is attempting to access the data in the Monthly Finance shared folder.
Enable an audit policy to audit which users are accessing the folder. For the Everybody security group, enable auditing for the folder.
You must ensure User24 can add 50 new XP Pro computers to the Computers OU. You do not want to grant excessive permissions to perform this task.
Use the Delegation of Control Wizard to grant User24 user account the permissions to create new objects in the Computers OU.
You need to ensure that all users who had their computers upgraded continue to run their legacy applications as before.
Apply the Compatws.inf security template to the upgraded computers.
What command should you run to refresh your Group Policy setting changes immediately and apply it consistently for all XP Pro computers?
Run Gpupdate /target:computer
You discover not all user logon events are being authenticated by Server8. You must ensure that the logon security policy is enforced.
Create a new GPO. Configure the new GPO not to cache previous logon events.
What should you do to identify which user(s) are making the unauthorized changes to the Human Resources confidential files on Server9?
Add Server9 to an (OU) named ServerAudit. Configure a new (GPO) to apply the Audit object access policy. Link the GPO to the ServerAudit OU.
You have to prevent users from maintaining offline copies of the .ecf files. All users that use the .ecf files can currently have offline files.
Add all affected client computers to an (OU).Configure a new (GPO) to prevent files that have .ecf extensions from being cached. Link the GPO to the OU.
You access a XP Pro computer to find out what the cumulative effect of all policies applied to it is. What utility should you run?
Use the Local Security Policy utility
The local Administrator account is not specified as a recovery agent for EFS. How should you define the local Administrator account as a recovery agent?
Use Local Security Policy to define the account as a recovery agent.
You need to ensure that no users can shut down any computer in the domain. What should you do?
Make a GPO to disable the Allow system to shut down without having to log on policy. Link the GPO to the domain. Ensure that the Users group is not assigned the Shut down system right
You want to configure local security policy, so that you can determine who connected to User26's computer and deleted files.
Enable the Privilege Use - Success audit policy.
Enable the Object Access - Success audit policy.
What should you do to ensure that a user account cannot access a file that they do not have the Read permissions assigned for?
Enable auditing for failed events in Object Access.