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Pregnancy Classification:
adequate well controlled studies have not shown any increase in human fetal abnormalities during any tirmester
Pregnancy Classification: Animal studies have revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus, however, there are no adequate and well controlled studies in pregnant women
Pregnancy Classification: Animal studies have shown an adverse effect, but adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women have failed to demonstarte a risk in any trimester
Pregnancy Classification:Animal studies have shown an adverse effect and there are no adequate and well controlled studies in pregnant
Pregnancy Classification:No animal studies have been conducted and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women
Pregnancy Classification:Adequate well-controlled or observational studies in pregnant women have demonstarted a risk to the fetus. However, the benefits of therapy may outweigh the potantial risk
Pregnancy Classification: adequate well-controlled or observational studies in animals or pregannt women have demonstarted positive evidence of fetal abnormalities or risks. The use of the product is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant
Do antidepressants cross the placenta?
First choice antidepressants
selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors
What pregnancy category do the SSRIs fall under
B or C
What are examples of SSRIs
Prozac paxil and zoloft
Second choice antidepresants
Tricyclic antidepressants
What pregnancy pregnancy category does tricyclic antidepressants fall under?
C or D
What are examples of tricyclic antidepressants?
Avantil, Elavil,Norpramin and Tofranil
What is an adjustment reaction with depressed mood?
baby blues or transient depression
What is a postpartum mood disorder?
postpartum depression without delusions
What is a postpartum psychosis
postpartum with delusions
Etiology of depression
hypothalmic pituaitary-adrenal axis imbalances
hypothalmic pituitary thyroid axis imbalances
Dopamine D2 receptor hypersensitivity
increased growth hormone
When do postpartum blues start?
3-7 days after delivery (every other day)
How long does postpartum blues last?
1-2 weeks
The "blues" are attributes to hormonal shifts in:
estrogen, progestorone, prolactin
"Intense or pervasive sadness with severe and labile mood swings"
postpartum depression
When is the greatest risk for postpartum depression?
around 4th week postpartum when restarting menses and weaning baby from breast
What is required for a diagnosis of postpartum depression
5 or more symptoms daily
"a syndrome characterized by depression, delusions, and thoughts by the mother of harming either the baby or herself"
postpartum psychosis
What might prevent postpartum psychosis?
estrogen replacement
When do symptoms are postpartum psychosis begin
2-3 weeks after delivery
What is the key symptom in postpartum psychosis?
Examples of psychotic
thorazine and haldol
periods of extreme activity alternating with periods of extreme depression
bipolar disorder
What is required to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder
3 or more persisting symptoms for more than one week
What is a key symptom of bipolar disorder?
disractibility and oreoccupation
What is the drug of choice for manic side of bipolar disorder?
What are the two most important screening questions for depression?
In the past two weeks have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless?
Little interest or pleasure in doing things?
Hills crisis assessment model assesses:
feeling about the event
perceptions of the event
support networks available
reduced fertility=
Factors needed for fertility
functioning hypothalmic pituitary gonadal axis, structural system, neurological responses and right timing
Main STDs associated with infertlity
chlamydia and gonorhhea
Labs drawn for infertility
LH, FSH, thyroid hormone, prolactin, testosterone
Whar is a hysterosalpinogram?
floroscope of uterus and fallopian tubes
what is a laparoscopy?
to look for visual scarring of uterus
What us hypospadius?
abnormal opening in penis
what is varicoceles?
wrinkly scrotum
liquidification of sperm should happen in how long
one hour
volume of sperm should be more than
ph of sperm is
sperm count should be greater than
20 million
What % of sperm should be normal
What % of sperm should be motile
the ova penetration tests
sperm enzyme
When should postcoital test be done?
within 2 hours
Sperm agglutination tetss for?
antibodies to sperm
How long should a man wear condoms to decrease antibodies
6 months
What is the only assisted reporduction oked by the church?
gamete intrafallopian tube transplant
Preterm birth occurs before the end of the ___ week of gestation
four pathways that lead to preterm birth
decidual hemorrhage
uterine over distention
premature initiators of labor
main biochemical marker for preterm labor
fetal fibronectin
Drug therapy for preterm labor
Mag sulfate
What is the most common cause of preterm labor
premature ROM
What are the risks for premature ROM
Infection: chorioamnionitis and endometritis
abruptio placentae
S&S of chorioamnionitis
odor of fluid
WWhat test do you use to test amniotic fluid in premature ROM?
fern test or nitrazine
biophysical profile consists of
ultrasound for muscle tone, breathing, movements, fluid volume, placental grading
What score is reassuring for biophysical profile?
What score is worrisome for biophysical profile
long difficult abnormal labor
prolonged latent phase
longer than 20 hours nullipara or 14 hours multipara
protracted active phase
dilation is less than 1.2 cm/hour nulli or 1.5 cm/hour multi
secondary arrest
no change in dilation for more than 2 hours
protracted descent
change in descent is less than 1 cm/hr nulli or 2cm/hour multi
arrested descent
if there is no change in descent for more than 1 hour nulli and 1/2 hour multi
in precipitous labor the entire process occurs within ___hours with dilation more than ____
3; 5cm/hour nulli and 0 cm/hour multi
What is the psychologic effect of dystocia
reduced uterine contractility
What is laminaria
seaweed for induction of labor
what is amniotomy
AROM for induction of labor
0 bishop score for dilation
0 bishop score for effacement
0 bishop score for station
0 bishop score for cervical consistency
0 bishop score for cervix position
3 bishop score for dilation
3 bishop score for effacement
3 bishop score for station
3 bishop score for cervical consistency
3 bishop score for cervix position
What is the half life of Pitocin
3-5 min
How long does it take Pitocin to reach a steady concentration
40 minutes
With pitocin induction observe for
water intoxification
decrease than increase in BP
post date labor in labor beyond __ weeks
care for uterine rupture
obtain CBC and platelets stat
O2 DC oxytocin
prep for surgery
postpartum hemorrhage is marked by a __% drop in hct from predelivery levels
May not note hemorrhagic shock until what % blood volume loss
pathologic clotting with widespread bleeding
disemminated intravascular coagulation
management of DUC
prevent hypovolemia no less than 18 G IV
idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura platelets
below 50,000
management of ITP
IV IGg and steroids
Symptom of postpartum infection
temp at 38 C or more for 2 successive days within 10 days postpartum
low birth weight is
<2500 grams
Kcal increase required during 2nd and 3rd trimesters
Fluid requirements during pregnancy
1500-2000 ml a day
necessary for mineralization of fetal bones and teeth
calcium and phosphorous
mineral requirments
iodine sodium zinc and magnesium
iodine ex.
iodized salt
ex of zinc
milk shellfish liver
ex of magnesium
milk whole grains
iron supplement recommended
30 mg/day
ex of iron
lean meats, green veggies, beans
involved in growth of epitheliail cells; metabolizes fats and carbs; prevents night blindness
Vit A
ex of Vit A
green vegetables and liver
helps in absorption of Calcium and phosphorous for fetal skeletal devlopment
Vit D
ex of Vit D
dairy and seafood
antioxidant protects cell membranes
Vit E
ex of Vit E
fish, liver green veggies
essential factor in blood clotting
Vit K
ex of Vit K
green leafy and liver
a collagen forming connective and vascular system
Vit C
ex of vit C
citrus fruits and tomatoes
vital to coenzyme reactions:cell respirations, glucose oxidation
Vit B
deficiencies of folic acid may cause
neural tube defects
ex of folic acid
green leafy beans, oranges
How much folic acid do all women of childbearing age need?
If a vegetarian is pregnant, what supplementrs would she need?
B vitamins, iron, and zinc
underweight BMI
Normal BMI
overweight BMI
obese bmi
If normal weight how much weight should you gain if oregnant
What is the least amount fo weight you ahouold gain if obese
In 2nd and 3rd trimesters how much weight should you gain per week
1 pound
symptoms of lactose intolerance relieved by
Rx lactase
persistent eating of abnormal substances
pica may be sign of
iron deficiency
adolescents are physiologically mature when?
4 years after menarche
Calorie requirement for nursing mothers
500 over prepregnant
Calcium requirements for nursing mothers
stays the same
Infant milk requirements
2-3 oz/lb a day
1 oz of breast milk is how many calories
human breats milk is recommended until how old
6 months
baby fluid requirements
140-160 ml/kg/day
baby calorie requirement
105-108 kcal/kg/24 hours
how many ml. do you give to bottle fed baby at a time?
progress to 90--150 by 2nd week
how often do you feed a bottle fed baby?
q 3-4 hours
LATCH stands for
Latch on
Audible swallowing
Type of nipple
newborns suckling stimulates the release of what from post. pituitary gland?
how long can you store expressed milk in a fridge?
72 hours
how long can you freeze expressed milk?
2 weeks
how long can you store expressed milk in a freezer chest?
6 months
How long after thawing should you use expressed milk?
24 hours
fat soluble vitamins
A D E and K
production of what may be inhibited by antibiotics?
vit K
vit D and sunlight
30 minutes a week is adequate
lack of what leads to neonatal hypocalcemia and tetany
Vit D
required to meet cellular and energy needs
thiamin and niacin
ex of thiamin and niacin
meat and liverq
aids in absorption and tissue integrity
vit C
Vitamin especially important for smokers
Vit C
High doses of what vitamin prenatally can result in scurvy after birth
required for production of RBCs and lactation
folic acid
additional sources of calcium for lactose intolerant
canned fish, green leafy, tofu
lack of what can result in mental retardation of the child
if woman is being treated for anemia with iron/folic acid supplements, what deficiency is common