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1. The best definition of a psychoactive drug is a drug that it
alters a persons experiences or consciousness
2. A shy person who drinks several alcoholic beverages at a party and becomes very loud and social is experiencing the effects of
3. Tom notices that he has to take a larger dose of a drug to achieve the same “high.” This condition he is experiencing is known as
Steven would spend only 1 hour in the gym 3 times and week, but recently he has been spending 3 hours a day 7 days a week working out. He has noticed that his back is chronically hurting. Once Steven has stopped his work out, he starts thinking about what he did not accomplish. This is an example of what type of behavior?
addictive behavior
All of the following are characteristics associated with addictive behavior, EXCEPT
improved control
Which characteristic of addictive behavior is when an individual needs more and more of a particular substance?
A behavior that continues despite serious negative consequences is called
negative consequences
Mike only thinks about how to get “high,” and when he is coming off his “high” he begins to think about when he is going to get “high” again. Which type of addictive behavior is he exhibiting?
11. What percentage of Americans adults have gambled at least once?
13. Which of the following would NOT be considered a psychoactive drug?
14. The drug that originally provided the stimulant effect in Coca-Cola was
16. The contemporary term for what was formerly called addiction is now referred to as
18. For someone to be considered drug dependant, how many clusters of symptoms must they demonstrate in a one year timeframe?
19. What is the annual cost of illegal drug use in the United States?
181 billion
20. When Kristen began to smoke, she only had 3-5 cigarettes. Now, for her to feel in control during the day, she has to smoke 18 cigarettes. What is she experiencing?
21. When Tomas does not drink alcohol, he experiences tremors and shaking. He is experiencing
22. A key characteristic of drug dependence is experiencing
26. John, who is 14 years old, is somewhat small for his age and is often teased by his peers. He has recently become involved with a new peer group that is known to use alcohol and marijuana. What factor has probably had the most influence on John’s decision to become involved with drugs?
peer acceptance
27. A psychological risk factor for drug dependence is
difficulty controlling impulses
31. Psychoactive drugs change mood or behavior by acting on
brain chemistry
28. During which age group are males and females closest in illicit drug use?
12-17 years of age
34. Which of the following drug factors is the relationship between the amount of drug taken and the type and intensity of the resulting effect?
the dose-response function
35. The time-action function is the relationship between
when a drug is taken and the intensity of its effect
36. Which of the following is a factor that determines how a person will respond to a particular drug?
general health, Body Mass
37. The risk associated with drug use and pregnancy are greatest for women
during the 1st trimester
38. Which of the following methods of use produces the slowest or weakest effects from a drug?
39. The _________ is the physical and social environment surrounding an individual’s drug use.
40. Having a response to an inert substance given in place of an active drug is called
the placebo effect
42. Narcotics is another term for
43. Which of the following drugs is an opioid?
48. The typical primary effects of central nervous system depressants include all of the following, EXCEPT
49. Central nervous system depressants are also known as
sedatives / hyporitics
50. Jane frequently goes to dance clubs and raves with her friends. Which CNS depressant is often associated with these environments?
51. A slang term used to describe barbiturates is
52. Antianxiety agents are also known as
54. CNS depressants are used for their calming properties before an operation. What are they combined with prior to surgery to obtain that calming reaction?
Which of the following is NOT a CNS stimulant?
57. A stimulant
increasing blood pressure
58. Cocaine is derived from
the coco plant
60. The LEAST common method of cocaine use is
61. Cocaine is introduced into the body fastest by
62. The cocaine “high” lasts for
5-20 minutes
63. The effects of cocaine are felt in
about 10 seconds if inhaled
68. “Ice,” “crank,” and “crystal” are common names for
69. “Ice” is a(n)
74. Which of the following stimulants is used in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder?
76. Women who use amphetamines during pregnancy risk
early infant death
77. Which of the following is a legal prescription central nervous system stimulant that is also sometimes abused?
79. Caffeine use
counters fatigue
81. The most widely used illegal drug in the United States is
82. A potent preparation made from the thick resin that exudes from the bud leaves of marijuana is known as
hash / hashish
83. The active component in marijuana is
85. Possible medical use of THC includes treatment for
kemo therapy side effects
90. Which of the following drugs is NOT a hallucinogen?
91. Which of the following drugs can induce biological tolerance after a couple of doses?
92. Which of the following is NOT typically associated with use of hallucinogens?
physical Dependence
93. Which drug is most closely associated with flashbacks?
94. All of the following are other names for PCP, EXCEPT
magic Mushrooms
95. Breathable chemical vapors produced by substances such as aerosol sprays are called
99. Perhaps the most well-known medication for drug abuse is
101. According to the text, the best solution to drug abuse is
2. The process of fermentation is generally utilized in making
3. Beer usually contains what percentage of alcohol?
4. Ales and malt liquors have _______ of alcohol per volume more than beer has.
5. The approximate concentration of alcohol in table wines is
6. Wines with the highest concentration of alcohol are called
7. Which of the following beverages has the highest concentration of alcohol?
8. The proof value of an alcoholic beverage is
2 times the alcohol in the beverage
9. A 90 proof beverage is _________ percent alcohol.
10. A standard drink contains about
.6 onces of alcohol
11. Which of the following types of alcohol is safely consumable?
15. The carbonation in an alcoholic beverage like champagne
speeds up absorption rathe of alcohol thereby increasing the degree of impairment
16. The main site of alcohol metabolism is in the
17. What percentage of ingested alcohol is NOT metabolized in the liver, but is excreted unchanged?
18. The amount of alcohol in the blood, which is used as a measure of intoxication, is called
blood alcohol concentration - BAC
19. The most significant reason that women have higher BACs than men do after ingesting the same amount of alcohol is that women have
higher percentage of body fat
23. What are the estimated hours required to metabolize a BAC of .05 percent?
4-6 hours
24. How many hours would be required to metabolize a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10-0.15 percent?
6-10 hours
25. What would be the estimated blood alcohol concentration for a person who is experiencing emotional instability, with exaggerated feelings and behavior?
26. At what blood alcohol concentration could a person become unconscious?
27. At what blood alcohol concentration are you likely to first feel “relaxed”?
less than .05%
28. At what blood alcohol concentration are you likely to experience unsteadiness in walking and standing?
29. At what blood alcohol concentration is pain perception significantly impaired?
30. Alcohol is classified as a(n)
31. Initial effects of low concentrations of alcohol include all of the following, EXCEPT
32. At higher blood concentrations of alcohol, people are LEAST likely to feel
33. A high blood alcohol concentration is most likely to increase
34. Which of the following behaviors is LEAST characteristic of an intoxicated person?
has improved problem solving skills
35. Which of the following effects of alcohol use is likely to occur at the lowest BAC?
light headedness
36. It takes the body about ________ to metabolize one drink (one beer or glass of wine).
2 hours
40. Which type of sleeping disorder increases in severity when alcohol is consumed?
sleep apnea
42. The connection between the amount of a drug consumed and the drug’s effects is called the
dose - response relationship
43. Among college students, frequent binge drinkers are _____ times more likely to engage in unplanned sexual activity than are non-binge drinkers
5 times
44. What is the percentage of U.S. drivers who admit to having used alcohol or drugs before driving?
45. A person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 0.14 percent will be ___________ times more likely t
40 times
46. A younger driver with less experience with driving and alcohol can have significant impairment with a BAC as low as _______ percent.
.02 percent
47. The legal BAC limit in the fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia is
49. A disease of the liver caused by excessive and chronic drinking is
51. To which of the following diseases are alcoholics especially susceptible?
hepitiidus C
53. Overuse of alcohol commonly causes bleeding in the
goztro intestinal tract
54. Some alcoholics show a weakening of the heart muscle, called
cardiac myopathy / enlargement of heart
56. About how many alcoholics in the United States experience cognitive impairments?
1 half. 1/2
57. Fetal alcohol syndrome is characterized by
impaired mental functioning
58. The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome are
both physical and mental impairments
61. Which of the following is the most accurate description of the safe limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy?
62. A mother getting drunk how many times during the third trimester will damage fetal brain cells?
once , 1
63. What percentage of pregnant women are binge drinkers during their pregnancy?
69. Binge drinking for women is defined as drinking _____ drinks or more in a row.
70. Binge drinking for men is defined as drinking _____ drinks or more in a row.
71. Which of the following drugs is used by the greatest number of college students?
74. Requiring more of a substance to get the same desired effect is known as
75. Lowered sensitivity to a drug such that a given dose no longer produces the usual effect is called
76. The unpleasant physical and mental state experienced when abstaining from alcohol after several days of heavy use is known as
with drawl
78. Despite their experiences, what percentage of college binge drinkers identify themselves as problem drinkers?
fewer than 1 %
79. The most serious withdrawal symptom associated with alcoholism is
Delierinums trimums DT
80. Which of the withdrawal symptoms has a mortality rate as high as 15 percent?
81. Individuals with alcoholism who stop drinking on their own often do so because of
alcohol related crises
92. Which of the following groups has a rate of alcoholism that is twice the national average?
american indians
93. Which of the following groups has a lower-than-average rate of alcohol-abuse problems?
asian americans
94. Eating before and while drinking
lowers peak BAC
95. A responsible party host will
serve non-alcohol beverages / serves food / stops serving an hour before party end
2. The primary reason people continue to use tobacco despite the health risks is because
become addicted to nicotine
4. What is the addictive drug in tobacco?
5. The predominant psychoactive drug in tobacco is
6. Which of the following is an effect of nicotine?
increased heart rate
7. On average, a regular user of tobacco can go how long between dosages of nicotine before negative effects begin to happen?
no more than 40 minutes
10. People who quit smoking suddenly may have all of the following symptoms, EXCEPT
increased attentiveness
12. Most of the symptoms of physical dependence to smoking pass in
2 to 3 days
14. Scientist have discovered that a gene called ___________ that appears to influence the progression of smoking in adolescence.
15. The average age for someone starting to smoke is
17. A student _______________ is most likely to be a cigarette smoker.
with parents who smoke
20. Which state’s high schools have the highest rate of frequent smokers?
21. When particles of tobacco smoke condense, they form a brown sticky mass called
22. If something causes cancer, it is called a(n)
23. An ingredient in tobacco smoke that seriously limits the body’s ability to use oxygen is
carbon monoxide
29. Which of the following is the MOST widespread cause of death among smokers?
coronary heart disease
30. Heart disease caused by the deposit of fatty substances in the walls of the arteries is called
atherose scrosis
32. “Chest pain due to coronary heart disease” defines
angina pectoris
33. A heart attack caused by plaque that blocks a coronary artery is called
a mile cardio inforttion / heart attack
35. Smoking contributes to heart disease in which one of the following ways?
reduces high deseases lack of protein / HDL
36. After quitting smoking, approximately how long does it take an ex-smoker’s risk of lung cancer to drop to half that of a continuing smoker’s risk?
10 years
37. What is the leading cause of cancer death in women?
lung cancer
39. Loss of lung tissue elasticity is characteristic of
41. A type of white blood cell that works to remove foreign particles from the respiratory tract is called
macro phages
44. Which of the following is NOT a major form of spit tobacco?
46. Health consequences related to the use of spit tobacco are likely to include all of the following, EXCEPT
lung cancer
47. White or red patches that appear in the mouth as a result of using spit tobacco are called
50. Small cigarettes imported from India that contain species of tobacco different from those used by U.S. cigarette manufacturers are called
51. Smoke that the smoker exhales is referred to as _______________ smoke.
52. Smoke emitted from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe is referred to as _______________ smoke.
side stream
53. Which of the following is TRUE regarding secondhand smoke?
children exposed to second hand smoke more likely o die of sudden infant death syndrome
55. Which of the following is an effect of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)?
lung cancer / sinus infections / allergies
56. Which of the following lingers in the bloodstream for 5 hours after exposure to ETS?
carbon monoxide
57. The primary effects of ETS on children are
related to respiratory system
60. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding quitting smoking?
research shows stopping cold turkey is the most effective way to quite smoking
61. To increase the chance for success when attempting to quit smoking, you should
tell friends / family you want support