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Which amino acid generates nitric acid oxide during catabolism wich helps maintain artery dilation?
PLP can help form brain what?
What are some good sources for tocotrienols?
walnuts, canola oil, wheat germ
How do large doses of nicotinic acid effect VLDL, blood homocysteine, HDL?
lower VLDL, elevate blood homocysteine, elevate HDL levels
What is true concerning a B12 deficient individual who is supplementing folic acid at high levels (over the UL)?
1. Thymidylate synthetase activity will be normal
2. Homocysteine in the blood will increase
3. Methionoine synthetase will decrease
4. Red Blood Cells will be normal
If folate/folic acid is deficient and then one supplements only B12, thymidylate synthetase activity will be normal or abnormal?
abnormal (needs active folacin coenzyme)
Formiminogluatmic acid excretion in the urine may indicate a deficiency of:
folacin and B12 (particularly after a histidine load)
What biochemical action relates mostly to folic acid?
formyl transfer (single carbon)
What is true concerning folates/folic acid and blood homocysteine, RDA-DFE, and UL?
1. A proper dose for reducing blood homocysteine is 1000mcg/day
2. RDA for this nutrient is 400 DFE
3. The UL for folic acid is 1000mcg/day
What vitamin plays a key role in deamination?
vitamin B6/pyridoxal
Methylmalonyl CoA mutase is dependent on what for activity?
What nutrients if deficient can lead to macrocytic anemia?
cobalamin and folate
What compound does vitamin C reduce formation of?
nitrosamine (a carcinogen)
What coumpounds are formed by the action of vitamin C?
carnitine, serotonin, norepinephrine, hydroxylated protein
When using high does niacin for blood lipid control, what forms seem most effective?
acid (nicotinic acid)