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First Estate
-pay NO taxes
-gets 1 vote
-130,000 (1%)
Second Estate
-pays NO taxes
-1 vote
-350,000 (2%)
Third Estate
-huge segment of pop.
-1 vote
-deeply divided itself!
Louis XVI
-stubborn, indecisive, untrustworthy
-recieved no training in royal gov't (incapable)
-married marie antoinette
-no kids --> bad king
-married @ 15 to Loius
-bad influence on husband
-poorly educated
-unpopular, spoiled
Jaques Turgot
-wants fair taxes for all, reduce military budget, reduce royal allowance
-FIRED by louis
Jaques Necker
-knows what should be done but wants job
The Estates General
-advisory body
-rarely sits in session
-"high city dweller"
-wealthy middle class
-merchants, bankers, industrialists, lawyers, etc.
-PAY MOST TAXES bc have most $$
-"no pants"
-lower middle class
-ppl. who make stuff
didnt have to pay taxes (first and second estates)
the Bastille
-parisans saw it as symbol of gov's harsh policies
-defended by Marquie de Launay & army of 114
-Mob-->98 defenders died,1 attacker died
NEW POLITICAL ORDER = indiv. rights, rep. institutions, loyalty to nation not monarchy
The National Assembly
Third Estates called themselves this...
-want a constituitional monarch
The Tennis-Court Oath
Assembly locked out of hall...will remain in session until king accepts constitution
March of the Women
6000 women arm themselves go to Versailles
-force king to go back to Paris! (king is vulnerable)
represented the provinces (outside of city)
-feared racial mobs so leaned towards keepign the king alive
a large network of political groups throughout France
represented interests of radicals in Paris (king dead!)
Napoleon Bonaparte
-not french, italian
-born minor Genovise nobility
-politically influencial
people should be able to rise based on talents! (background means noting except women)
Academie de Francaise
higher learning scientific/tech school (Nap. reforms education)
Civil Code (Code Napoleon)
law (emphasizes "equality")
Battle fo Trafalgar
-N lost to British Navy
N'sbiggest fault-->afraid of war, couldnt build cooperatice coalition for peace
Battle of Austerlitz
-N's greatest victory
-defeated many austrians & russians
Battle of Waterloo
defeated by British & prussians (EXILED TO ST HELENA)
The Russian Campaign
-N's biggest defeat
-invaes Russia, leaves bc winter too harsh, returns with not many soldiers
-N forced into exile on Elba
The "Hundred Days"
2nd power of Nap.
Nap. forced into exile after Russian Campaign...after 10 months comes back & takes control of France
St. Helena
-Nap lost @ Waterloo
-EXILED to St. Helena